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Omega Strikers: Best Goalkeepers

Get those goals outta here!

Omega Strikers is one of the new games this month and it has released with a lot of great reviews. It’s a mix between a beat em’ up and football, with anime-style characters and a lot of them to choose from. The game also features fast-paced gameplay and multiple playstyles for players to master. You can choose from Goalies, to Bruisers and even support characters as you get those orbs to the enemy goal while knocking out your enemies in the process! To block those orbs though you’ll also need a good goalie, and in this guide we’ll show you the best of the best.

Best Goalkeepers In Omega Strikers

There are a lot of characters in Omega Strikers and picking them can be quite tough for new players. Jumping into a new game can sometimes do that to a player and some people can’t find the time to test out all the characters the game has to offer. That’s why in this guide we’ll show you the best goalkeeper to play in the game.


Juno is a great character for beginners. Her slimes can be used to lock down areas and is a great character to play as a goalkeeper. Not only that but she’s also beginner friendly and that’s the reason why you see a lot of her in low-ranking games. In high-ranking games, she can still be good but by then you should move on to another goalkeeper.


Another beginner-friendly pick for a goalie. Dubu excels in that position due to his set of skills to save the orb from getting to your goal. A great character to start the game as and can also be good in mid-level to high level games.


Atlas can also be a great Goalie and also a great flex. No, not flexing as in showing off, but the actual position. He has abilities that can get them around the map which can be used both offensively and defensively.


Kai is a great pick for those who want to not only play as a goal keeper but also something else as well. Most players pick them as a goalie but sometimes he can also go well as a Flexer. A high skilled Kai player can lock the goal down and can prevent a lot of the enemy’s advances.

Congratulations you now know which of the characters in Omega strikers can be great goalie picks! Now go out there and play as much as you can as a goalkeeper!

Many thanks to Adritwoma for sharing his knowledge on the characters of the game, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Who to Play in Omega Strikers?

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