Omega Strikers: Juno Guide

Throw those slimes everywhere!

The new free to play game is in town and it’s Omega Strikers, a game that has so far made a great impression to players who have played the game. Omega Strikers offers a lot of anime style characters you can pick from, all of which has their own abilities and gameplay styles. Not only that buy you can choose to play them in 3 different roles, the goalie, flex or forward as you fight other players in a football style game with more action, more fighting and more fun. In this guide we’ll show you how to use a certain character in Omega Strikers.

Juno Guide In Omega Strikers

Juno is a character in Omega Strikers that looks like a cute slime girl. Juno, like Dabu, are probably one of the beginner friendly characters there are in the game with a relatively low skill floor. Despite that Juno also has a high skill ceiling, making high ranked play possible with this character.

Juno’s strength is her slimes. Dropping multiple slimes in the battlefield and controlling it with them is the name of the game. Because of that making sure that there’s always slimes on the field is a must, and our main obstacle to that is cooldown.

Source: The Tendie Team – YouTube

For trainings the best ones for Juno are Extra Special which reduces ability cooldown, Rapid Fire which reduces primary ability cooldown and finally Creator of Durable Things. The last one adds duration to your slimes so they stay longer on the field as well as them hitting harder.

Focus on controlling the field, always cast your low cooldown abilities and cover the area in slimes. That’s the goal for Juno in making goals!

Congratulations you now know how to use Juno in Omega Strikers! Now go out there and make as much slimes as you can! Many thanks to The Tendie Team for showing everyone how to play Juno, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: IT’S SLIME TIME Juno Guide for Omega Strikers

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