Omega Strikers: Era Guide

Quite Era-Tic!

The new free to play game Omega Strikers is out and it has garnered a lot of positive reviews. The game features anime style characters with unique abilities and playstyles as players pick their positions and fight against other players in a more violent version of football. You can play as a Goalie that’s job is to defend the goal and get those pesky enemies out of your side of the map. You can play as a forward attacking the enemy and striking goals. You can also play as a flex which switches between the two depending on the situation, in this guide we’ll show you a character that’s great at being a flex.

Era Guide For Omega Strikers

Era is a support character and is better as a Flex than any other position in the team. That’s because most of Era’s abilities revolve around buffing allies and debuffing enemies, in fact only her special can actually be called an offensive skill. Because of that the position of Flex is great as you’re supporting both the Goalie and Forward in your team.

Source: Dr. Curvy – YouTube

Era has 3 abilities, the first of which is Flutter Fly, where you buff nearby allies with haste making them faster. Great for helping your forward to attack or your goalie to defend.

Bewitching Beam is your main ability as it hits the core and enemies, damaging and debuffing the latter by lowering their size and power. If it hits an ally, it will buff them increasing their size and power.

The last skill, Magic Maelstrom, is your main offensive skill. You charge it up and release it to a direction and a tornado of damage will grow bigger and bigger.

Source: Dr. Curvy – YouTube

As for the build of this character, since it’s a support character the meta is anything that increases the support capabilities of the character. Crossover makes it so strikes give haste, Super Surge is also good since it increases haste duration. Finally Cast to Last increases the duration of all Debuffs, Buffs and Haste making it a must for this character.

Congratulations you now know how to do play Era in Omega Strikers. Now go out there and get those goals, strike those enemies and have fun!

Many thanks to Dr. Curvy for showing everyone how to play Era, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video here: A Basic Beginner Guide to Era (Forward) | Omega Strikers

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