Omega Strikers: Dubu Guide

A big guy, for you!

Omega Striker has come out and it’s been received quite well by players. The game features a cast of anime-style characters with different abilities and playstyles playing against each other in a more violent version of football. This quick and fast-paced game has been played quite a lot in the closed Beta and now that it’s finally out for free to play many players are wondering how to build these characters up. In this guide we’ll show you how to play one of the great and beginner friendly characters in Omega Strikers: Dubu.

Dubu Guide For Omega Strikers

Dubu is a big guy, and he excels in being used as a Goalie. In fact, most players that pick Dubu only use him as a Goalie and there’s a good reason behind that. Dubu’s abilities is centered around defense and keeping the core in control to your team and blocking any attacks from the enemy. His abilities are straight-forward and that’s why he’s also a great pick for new players.

One of his key abilities and something you should always use is his Slam. Not only does it stun the enemy but also the Core! Yes, the core, the ball that you need to kick around to score points, he can stun it. This is great for locking down the core and any enemy that is trying to attack.

As for the character training, the meta right now are these trainings so keep that in mind:

  • Built Different
  • Crossover
  • Creator of Durable Things

With this character training, Dubu can be a great Goalie for any skill level.

Congratulations you now know how to play Dubu and how to build him up in Omega Strikers, now go out there and get that Goalie position locked down!

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