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Omega Strikers: Strikers / Characters’ Tier List

Strike them out!

A new game is out and it’s Omega Striker, a game that looks like football but with cool and cute looking anime characters, explosive and fast-paced combat and overall better than the actual sport to be honest. The game flew under the radar this month but it didn’t stop it from being popular with overall great reviews. The game offers a lot of characters to choose from with different playstyles and in this guide, we’ll show you which ones are where in a tier list. Remember that tier lists are subjective and overall, it’s up to you to see which one is the most fun to play as!

Strikers / Characters’ Tier List For Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers has a great lineup of characters with different playstyles and different looks that make them stand out from the rest. Some of them are easy to play while others offer the player a high skill ceiling to master. Once you’ve mastered them though you’ll be unstoppable. Here is the tier list for the characters in the game.

Source: Cloh

S Tier:

  • Era: Probably one of the best support characters out there, Era can help the team a lot. She can debuff enemies like making them smaller and slowing them while also making allies bigger and faster.
  • Estelle: Estelle is a character that’s a great forward in the game. Getting her Primetime is a great way to keep the momentum going. A tough character to fight against if under a great player.
  • Juliette: The poster girl of the game and for a good reason. If you’re playing against Juliette, you better hope you have one of your own on your team or it’s over.
  • Kai: Usually played as a Goalie, and it’s best at his position. He has a lot of skills to block orbs and even damage enemies around the map.

A Tier:

  • Atlas: Usually played as a Goalie, not as great as Kai but if you’re looking for a well-rounded and good goalie this one’s for you.
  • Drek’ar: Not the best bruiser out there but his ability called Cast to Last slows the enemy so well for them to set up and hit them hard.
  • Luna: A great character which can dash all around the map but can also teleport back to the goal if needed. The only down side of this character is that she has no abilities to block shoves.
  • X: Looks like a great character if you first play against him but it’s actually not that hard to counter. He’s still a great bruiser but can easily be defeated if you get out scaled.

B Tier:

  • Dubu: A character that is a good goalie and a good forward but not the best for both. A great beginner friendly character for those who want a good all-rounded character.

C Tier:

  • Juno: In the lower ELO games you can see Juno a lot, but as you get to higher skill matches, you’ll notice why she’s not the best. She can still be viable but you’ll need to work hard to use her on higher level matches compared to the rest.

Congratulations you now know which characters are great in terms of a teir list for Omega Strikers! Now go out there, pick your favorite character and get those goals!

Many thanks to Cloh for sharing his own tier list for everyone, if you need more information on the subject then go check their video out here: Omega Strikers Best Characters RANKED – Tier list for Best Strikers

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