One Fruit Simulator: Best Fruits Tier List (Updated)

What are the best (and worst) fruits in the game’s latest update?

One Fruit Simulator is a Roblox game heavily inspired by the One Piece anime and manga series, and it features a wide range of fruits that you can collect and use. Every now and then, the developers add new ones or change current fruits. With that said, in the latest update, which are the best and worst fruits currently implemented in the game?

Best Fruits Tier List (Updated)

With the release of a small update recently, some fruits were slightly changed and have become better than before. Take note that this list is purely based on the opinions of the community, and your favorite fruits may still be great in your hands even if they have been rated poorly. Also, keep in mind that the fruits in the tier list is ranked in general, for both PvP and PvE.

One Fruit Simulator Best Fruits Tier List


The fruits under the highest tier are pretty much all here due to the amount of damage (and in some cases, healing) that they can do when compared to everything in the lower categories. You can expect the Awakened Fruits making most of this tier.


Now, fruits without Awakening but can still go on par with Awakened Fruits in terms of overall performance are placed in this tier. Once they get their Awakening, you can expect them to make it higher on the tier list.

One Fruit Simulator sound fruit


The fruits in this tier can be decent for grinding and can deal a decent amount of damage. Feel free to use these early on as they are pretty good until you can get even better ones.

  • Electric Fruit
  • Buddha Fruit
  • Paw Fruit
  • Gravity Fruit
  • Ice Fruit
  • Spring Fruit
  • Magma Fruit
  • Light Fruit
  • Love Fruit


The fruits under the C Tier are not entirely bad, but there are much better options. These may be used for grinding if you don’t have a choice.

  • Snow Fruit
  • Mirror Fruit
  • Dark Fruit
  • Smoke Fruit
  • Barrier Fruit
  • Chop Fruit

SIDE NOTE: If you’re interested, we also have a dedicated guide on how to awaken Rubber, Gravity, & String Fruit, as well as their showcase! Make sure to check it out, fam.

One Fruit Simulator chop fruit


The fruits under this tier are considered to be pretty bad in all cases and should likely be avoided unless you have no other option.

  • Sand Fruit
  • Rubber Fruit
  • Flame Fruit
  • Bomb Fruit
  • Kilo Fruit


  • Slip Fruit
  • Spin Fruit
  • Invisible Fruit

And that concludes the best fruits in One Fruit Simulator. There will probably be even more fruits added in future updates, but this is pretty much where the existing ones currently stand! As for grinding, we believe the some of the fruits will be different compared to this list. For that, check out our guide for the best fruits for grinding in One Fruit Simulator!

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