Psychonauts 2: How To Beat The Pillinko Machine

Conquer the heart of a certain Pillinko Machine!

If you thought that the first Psychonauts is a bit over the top, then wait to see its sequel. Psychonauts 2 has proven to be an incredibly fun game that gives its player a surprising amount of moral, philosophical answers, but in a really comedic way. In this little battle to win at the casino, you need to put the heart of someone in the right place. Literally. Lucky for you, we know how to help you beat this machine and get your Gazillion!

How To Beat The Pillinko Machine – Psychonauts 2

Once you’ve reached the Pallinko Machine, you know, the big one with a skeleton woman that doesn’t give you a chance to win since there is a heart blocking your way, here is what you should do:

  1. There are three NPCs in this room with thought bubbles over their heads. Talk to all of them.

  2. You will now have to connect the thoughts together. First, connect “Wisdom” with “Decisions”

  3. Connect “Judgment” with “Quitting”. Remember that you have little points in between them before they connect.

  4. For the last one, connect “Victory” with “Moderation”. This will open you an entrance into the mind of the machine.

  5. Inside there, connect “Sharing” with “Feelings”. Right before the Feelings bubble, remember you can destroy the purple wall by shooting it.

Now it’s time to try playing the minigame again. This time, just try to reach the place where the heart was, where there are a lot of “$” signs.

Once you’ve done that, the Nurse will get mad and turn into a coin for you to collect.

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