Psychonauts 2: Typewriter Puzzle Solution

Get that letter out right away!

With the recent release of the craze that Psychonauts 2 is, you might be in need of some help from time to time. There are many hard puzzles to solve in this game, but this is not one of them! Now, there is no need to worry, since there are guides for everything in this world, including the typewriter puzzle where you have to do to send that little pink letter! Just listen to us every step of the way and you will finish this puzzle in no time!

Typewriter Puzzle Solution – Psychonauts 2

To do this puzzle, you’ll need to collect some letters and then type something.

Getting The Letters

As you try to get the letter and get in the whole mess, you’ll start from a high place. As you climb down, you will pass by a letter. It looks something like this:

You’ll have to get it before going down to the typewriter if you don’t want to waste time climbing up and bring it down to the typewriter. It will automatically be set in place if you walk to one of the empty spaces.

If you are already down there, there will be white circles that you can use to climb back up with the thought “magic”.

In the picture above, you can also see the location of the “U” and “C” letters. Just pick them up, as you did for the “L” and bring them in their place.

The last letter, “Y”, is hidden to the right of the typewriter. You will see it if you walk around a bit.

Typing The Answer

Once they are all brought back, you need to jump and smash the letters to write a name. The name that you need to write is LUCY.

After you’ve done that, a cutscene will start and you’d have solved the puzzle!

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