Psychonauts 2: Where To Find The Source Of The Bees

Make the killer bees stop their reign of terror!

Psychonauts 2 is a chaotic ride that will never fail to surprise its players. Between changing thoughts and saving the world, you can sometimes find yourselves stuck with really bizarre missions. Like this one! One of the Critical Missions in the Green Needle Gulch is the Find The Source Of The Bees mission. And it can be quite confusing, since the bees are really aggressive and you can’t really pass by them, if you’ve found the right path to finishing the quest…

Where To Find The Source Of The Bees – Psychonauts 2

As you get out of the room from which you’ve gotten the quest, into the forest full of honey, do as the description of the mission suggests and follow the honey!

Follow the path that has honey all over it, but don’t step on it, since you’ll get stuck. After walking for a bit, you’ll stumble over Bee Smoker that has a sign that says it’s private property.

Here is how the bee repellent looks like:

Yes, we’re gonna steal it. Use your telekinesis on it and start following the path onwards. Now that you’ll carry the smoker with you, the bees won’t touch you.

Normally the bees would hurt you and you wouldn’t be able to pass. Not your problem, though.

Now all you need to do is walk towards the top of the hill and get to the hive looking house with a bee on the door.

Get inside and, after the cutscene, go upstairs to find Cassie and get in her thoughts. She was the cause of the bees.

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