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Psychonauts 2: All 3 Gramophone Locations | Make It Stop!

Stop that horrible children’s song once and for all!

With the recent release of Psychonauts 2, we realized that many people are in need of help. There are many problems that need solving in this incredibly weird world, and there are sometimes things that you should do because they make your life better. That’s why this achievement exists. Because, if you destroy those gramophones, you just make your life, and game time, a lot more enjoyable. So, without further ado, here is where you can find those annoying gramophones and destroy them!

All 3 Gramophone Locations (Make It Stop! Trophy) – Psychonauts 2

As you spend your time in the Fatherland Follies, you’ll discover the little green slime seahorse thing. You probably already know that you can use it to fast travel around the map.

Here are all 3 gramophone locations in Psychonauts 2:

  • The First Gramophone

    For your first kill, you’ll need to fast travel using the seahorse to the Fall of Grulovia.
    Once you’re there, look to your right and you’ll see a little house. The following picture is the exact location.
    Go around and you’ll see a door there. Press triangle to open it. Inside the place, you’ll see a big room that has the gramophone in it. Just hit it and it’s done for.

  • The Second Gramophone

    To find this annoying little player, you’ll need to fast travel again, this time to Life in Exile.
    Right as you get there, behind you will be a tree and a door behind it. If you can see it, look at the following image from exactly when you turn around after fast travel.
    To open the door you’ll have to use a Projection, you know, the paper cutout of yourself and send it to open the door from inside.
    Inside, you’ll have to use Mental Connection to stop the fans and walk over them. They won’t stop completely, so move fast.
    After a bit of parkour, you’ll find the second gramophone to destroy.

  • The Third Gramophone

    For the last one you’ll need to go to Infiltrating the Psychonauts. As you get there, go behind, to the left, on the wooden corridor with a moon at the end.
    As you walk by, a hidden door will be there, on your right. The next picture has the hidden door outlined.
    You can easily miss it if you’re not paying attention. Press the triangle button to open it and get inside there.

You will find the final gramophone, which, after it’s destroyed, will give you the trophy. You will also stop hearing that creepy children’s song, so all’s well in the end!

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