Psychonauts 2: How to Farm Psitanium Fast

Become the richest Psychonaut the world has ever seen!

Get money quick schemes never work. Unless they’re in video games! In that case, quick money schemes work almost every time! Every game has a little way in which you can become a millionaire overnight, because the developers never thought someone would use that method they created at such a level! Fortunately, Psychonauts 2 is a victim of such a method, which is too easy to use and is a shock that it was even allowed in the game! So, time to stop hyping up the results, and let’s get into it!

How to Farm Psitanium Fast – Psychonauts 2

Psitanium, if you didn’t somehow know this by now, is the currency of the game. Usually, you can find it in random bushes and can get it from various quests.

But there is a different way you can get this really useful resource, without almost any effort. All you’ll need is an initial investment of 200 Psitanium and rank 40.

Yeah, I know, I’ve just lost half of the readers here. What can you do? If you’re a junior Psychonaut, with a rank below 40, you can’t use this method. You have to grind for your level first.

If you do meet the requirements, go to any vendor and visit the Pins category. In there, look for the Mental Tax pin. It looks like this:

As the description says, you will from now on, while it’s equipped, get Psitanium from using Mental Connections!

That means that if you find a long mental chain, you know, the white bubbles that you can drag yourself across, you can just use them to go back and forth and you’ll get Psitanium!

You randomly get rewards while using Mental Connections, and you’ll get them in batches of 10. So just use the mental chains and in a few minutes you could already have 1000 Psitanium.

Know that you can’t reach your pouch limit if you use this technique. If your limit is 5000, you’ll reach 4999. It doesn’t really matter, but you should get many upgrades for your wallet, so your limit is high enough.

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