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Psychonauts 2: How to BOOST FPS and Increase Performance

Get your FPS through the roof!

Psychonauts 2 came out a few seconds ago and the gameplay seems to be the wacky, chaotic and fun mess that we loved to see in the prequel. Now, with bigger games like this one, with nice and shiny graphics, computers can go crazy from time to time. So, here are a few suggestions and tested methods that can help you get to the desired FPS whilst playing Psychonauts 2, on your dear PC, preferably on higher than normal graphics!

How To Boost FPS & Increase Performance – Psychonauts 2

We will first begin by listing a few things you should do out of the game, and then in the game, to maximize your frames!

Open the Windows Gaming settings

As you just stay on your desktop, click the home button, or the windows button, whichever you have on your keyboard, and write “game mode”.

This will get you in the Gaming settings, more specifically, in the Game Mode settings. In here, there are a few settings you should make sure are exactly like this:

  • Game Mode = ON
  • In Xbox Game Bar -> Xbox Game Bar = OFF
  • In Captures -> Background recording = OFF

Also, make sure any overlay that you may have, like Discord or Nvidia, is deactivated.

In-game Settings

Now, let’s get into the settings in-game. First, let’s look into the “Display” settings:

  • Window Mode = Fullscreen
  • Resolution = Your Screen Resolution
  • V-Sync = ON
  • Max Frame Rate = 60 (if you have a 60hz screen) / Unlimited (otherwise)
  • Motion Blur = OFF

We have discovered that Borderless Windowed has some little frame drops, so that’s why we recommend Fullscreen. The other ones speak for themselves.

Let’s see the “Graphics” settings now. Here are the minimum settings you should use to maximise fps and have quite high quality:

  • Resolution Scaling = 100
  • Anti-Aliasing = FXAA
  • Detail Distance = Medium
  • Textures = Very High (depends on you)
  • Lighting = Medium
  • Shadows = Low
  • Ambient Occlusion = Low
  • Reflections = Low
  • Post-Process = Medium

The ones that we have selected as Medium are the ones that have almost no bonus if you brought them down to Low.

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