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Siege Survival Gloria Victis: Where to Find Arrows

Need some ammo?

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis is a medieval survival game. There is a huge progression curve in the game, and this game has impressed a lot of medieval-style game fans out there. During the first couple of objectives in the game, the players will be asked to find and collect some arrows. But where to find arrows in this medieval world? Well, below we will showcase where arrows can be found in the first couple of missions in the game!

Where to Find Arrows – Siege Survival: Gloria Victis

After the solider arrives at the gate, and after the interesting dialog, night will come. Players will be asked to scavenge the city, and then asked to find arrows, wood, cloth, and fiber. Also, there will be an objective about finding Bowyer’s house!

So, where to find arrows? Well, instead of looking for arrows in the junk piles that you can interact with in the world, go to the main objective on the map, which will be indicated with an exclamation mark.

This is Bowyer’s house, and in the dialogue, you will find arrows in there. Once the dialogue screen is over, you can take the Bundle of Arrows and valuables.

As for the other items, those can be found in junk piles or ‘rubble’ as it is so called in Siege Survival Gloria Victis, out in the world.

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Siege Survival Gloria Victis: How to Get Wood, Cloth & Fiber