The Forgotten City: How To Convince Pluto / Hades To Spare You | Best Ending

Even gods can be persuaded.

So you’ve reached the end. After a 4-6 hour journey of traveling through time, you learned the secret that the game has been hiding from you this whole time: you are actually dead. Shocking stuff, I know. Now your only chance of fixing the problem is talking with the overlord of the Underworld and convince him to let you get a second chance at life. That would be pretty cool, right? Too bad he’s an asshole and is not that friendly. Let’s change that, ok?

How To Convince Pluto To Spare You in Forgotten City

So you’ve walked through every door, called him all his names, the Sumerian one, the Egyptian one, the Greek one and the Roman one.

Now you’ve finally met him and can get him to do your bidding with enough persuasion.

If you open the “What’s your story?” and “What is this place?” dialogue options, you will get the answers to most of the mysteries in this game.

Here is what to say to defeat him with your words:

  • You should do that before choosing the “Are you responsible for The Golden Rule?” choice, since that one will get you two into a debate
  • Once you talk about why he turns people into gold and all those shenanigans, a choice that starts something like “I’ve seen some terrible things here…” will appear. Click it
  • Start talking about all the bad things that have happened. Never choose the “I am right, and you know it!”. It will anger him and make him hostile
  • Once you’ve enumerated every bad thing that you have seen in the Underworld and not gotten turnt into gold, select the “It’s no wonder people say the gods are cruel…” option
  • Say “No…” now, since your an empath, obviously
  • “And if you did, you’d be proving my point.”
  • After this, you can say you have no questions and he will be curious how you ended up in the Underworld in the first place. Just say anything, as long as you don’t say Proserpina is your helper
  • Say that you want to end The Golden Rule
  • Debate time! Tell him “How can you expect us to live without sin…”
  • “You’ve given terrible punishments to hundreds of people…” and then “If our positions were reversed…”
  • “No” cause we are not liars and then “Your kind and mine can’t be so different…”
  • “What makes your kind superior to mine?” because we don’t want to anger him, and then any of the choices
  • Don’t say “Fair enough”, challenge him
  • “Treat your inferior as you would wish your superior to treat you.”
  • “Everyone has superiors” followed by “If you can’t follow your own rule…”

Now, just continue until he cedes and you convince him that he and his friends are basically human.

If this doesn’t work, just kill Proserpina, steal her crown, run back in time and bring him the crown. You will basically intimidate him into leaving you and the Underworld gang alone.

This will get you the best ending in the game, and, if you’ve saved Fabia, Ulpius and Iulia, you will get the Oracle achievement.

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