The Forgotten City: How To Beat Malleolus In The Election

Play politics like a real Roman!

If the idea of Roman political intrigue has ever attracted you, then the Forgotten City is the place to be! In this great indie game, released by Modern Storyteller, you are pushed to resolve conflicts with words and wit, rather than brute force. So, when every character in-game tells you that Malleolus might be trouble if he gets elected, you might want to influence the outcome of this conflict, a bit… Fortunately for you, we know how to do this!

How To Beat Malleolus In The Election – The Forgotten City

If you want to help your friendly neighborhood magister win this upcoming election, or, who knows, some other random candidate, you’ll have to somehow beat the man that has bribed the whole town.

Now, the game would have you believe that you can win this by personally helping each male citizen in town and, afterward, convincing them to vote for your candidate.

And that is only half true. You do need to help most of the people around town beforehand. Mainly, if you’ve saved Fabia, Ulpius, and helped Vergil, the votes will be yours.

But, there is an easier way to beat him. And that is to blackmail him into giving up his candidacy.

Before doing this, there are some necessary things that you should have done:

  • Handled the assassin and gotten his letter (if you don’t know how to do that, we’ll have an article to help with that).
  • Entered Malleolus’ villa and gotten the key to the house.
  • Have talked with the Malleolus about him having a different name.

If you have done all this, here is how to beat Malleolus in the election easily, in Forgotten City:

  1. Go into his villa, go to the second floor and enter the only room that you see there.

  2. In here, you’ll find his wife, crying about some conflict that they’ve had. Just say “Can we talk?”.

  3. Choose “How would you like some help getting back at Malleolus?”.

  4. Just continue until she asks why are you helping her. Click “I just hate to see such a beautiful woman treated so poorly”. Who said flattery doesn’t work?.

  5. Agree afterward to bring her wine, which you’ll find next to the lake where Galerius chills, in a chest in the tunnel there.

  6. Bring the wine back to her and she’ll give you a letter that incriminates Malleolus. Keep the letter.

  7. Go to Malleolus and tell him to give up his candidacy. Tell him that you’re an assassin sent by Nero to finish him off and he’ll give you anything you want.

By doing this, you’ll also be able to save Iulia and Ulpius without paying 2000 denarii every day. Now, whatever candidate you want, can win the election, without Malleolus intervening.

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