The Forgotten City: How & Where To Get 4 Ancient Plaques

And how to finally defeat this cursed city!

If you know about the plaques and have gotten the quest to get them, good! If not… get out of here! There are gonna be big spoilers ahead! Ok? You’re good? Great. The Forgotten City, the new indie, choices matter game that just cane out has intricate plot-lines that need close following. And if you’re like me and have a short attention span, you’ll need help in getting these plaques. To reach Pluto and save everyone in this accursed city…

How & Where To Get 4 Ancient Plaques – The Forgotten City

Now, we know there are 4 types of plaques you’ll need to get: a Roman plaque, a Greek one, an Egyptian one and an unknown one.

Here is how you get them, one by one.

The Roman Plaque (easiest one to get):

There are three ways to get this

  • Use the Golden Bow to parkour your way there
  • Let Ulpius kill himself
  • Kill either Octavia, Rufius or Malleolus

Let’s talk about the location a bit. It’s right next to the theater, as you go down in the caverns.

If you have the Golden Bow, you can just turn everything into gold and parkour your way to the plaque. It’s right at the end, next to a Christian shrine.

If you let Ulpius kill himself, Octavia will go running to the shrine, and you’ll get your new plaque by just entering the place after her.

Last way, just kill one of the Christians and steal the key to the shrine. Open the locked door and, voila, you got the plaque.

The Egyptian Plaque and the Unknown Plaque

For this ones, you will need the Golden Bow if you want to survive. Otherwise, just give up on them. Here is a guide for that quest.

Once you’ve gotten it, go down to the hermit that’s underground, just next to the shrine you used to kill the assassin, and tell him about Pluto.

Answer some other of his question, trying to sound all smart, and he’ll give you a key to get into the older city that the Greeks had before the Romans came.

You walk for a bit in those creepy caverns and end up finding Khabash, who will just give you the Egyptian plaque if you tell him you want to pit it back in its original place.

He will then drop the unknown plaque down the drain and you’ll have to jump after it. After jumping down, you learn the plaque is Sumerian and that the originals in the Underworld were them.

Just advance, fighting hordes of golden statues and end up talking with Khabash again. He will threaten to kill you. Just explain that there is nothing wrong with the fact that Egyptians copied the Sumerians in regards to their religion.

If worst comes to shove, just run past the statues and restart the day. I would suggest quick saving before talking to him, to avoid this outcome.

The Greek Plaque

This one is a bit weird to get. The one that has it is Duli. The Forbidden City’s only prisoner.

He can be found in the market, next to the bathhouse entrance.

To get him out you need to make Galerius magistrate. How? Make Malleolus concede his candidacy and make a lot of good deeds through him.

Once that is done, Galerius will free Duli, and, inside his cell, you’ll find the plaque. Just get ready to run though, cause Duli will break the Golden Rule.

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