The Forgotten City: How To Free Duli From Prison

And get a new friend for the road…!

The Forgotten City is a game for the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S that is gaining real traction in the gaming world. Advertised as a choices matter and mystery game, the developers have managed to deliver on what they have promised and turned a Skyrim mod into a fully fledged game. But you’re not here to listen to my praise, you’re here to free Duli! And here is exactly how to do that in the easiest way possible.

How To Free Duli From Prison – The Forgotten City

So, if you talk to him, the game suggest to ways of saving him: Talking to the magistrate or making Galerius the magistrate.

The right answer is to help Galerius become the big dog in this town. “How to do that?” you may ask… Here is how:

  • Talk to Galerius about your proposition.
  • Blackmail Malleolus into giving up his candidacy. It’s pretty easy to do and we have a guide for that…
  • Save Fabia from being crushed, save Ulpius from his life in servitude and help Vergil with his bullying problem. Once that is done, make Galerius do this every day. Everyone will vote for him if you do.
  • Talk to Galerius and make him declare his candidacy.
  • Talk to Equitia and tell her to start the election.

And then witness this nice guy become the most powerful person in the city! His first act as magistrate will be to free Uli from his cell.

This will result in you getting the key to the sewers and a plaque which he had in his cell.

It will also result in the Golden Rule being broken because Duli wasn’t really made to wonder the streets of The Forbidden City…

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