The Forgotten City: How To Get The Treasure Behind The Golden Statue

No door remains unopened!

The Forgotten City has finally been released as a standalone game and is ready to show the Elder Scrolls fans how a game in 2021 based on Skyrim should look like. With a very intriguing plot and a mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat, you will want to explore every little bit of the Forgotten City! And that includes the room that’s blocked by a damn golden statue that makes you question if you haven’t discovered some secret about the game or if it’s a bug!

How To Get The Treasure Behind The Statue – The Forgotten City

First, let’s get the location straight. As you come down from the portal, towards the magistrate’s villa, you will see a little cavern on your left.

You will see it right after you pass by the tavern. You can see how it looks in the picture below from the other angle:

The statue is just sitting there, looking scared and keeping her hand in front of her, as if showing you that you can’t go in.

You might have also heard about this location from Galerius after helping him with his quest.

The only way to pass by this statue is after the Golden Rule has been broken. The statue will turn to the life and try to turn you into gold.

You will have to make her move towards you, to try and kill you. After she moves a little, you can dodge around her and enter.

Right at the end of the room, the chest is waiting for you with around 4000 denarii.

This chest is really useful every time the Golden Rule is broken because you’ll pass by it every time to get to the portal and you’ll gain a steady income that can help a lot.

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