The Forgotten City: How To Get The Golden Bow

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The Forgotten City is an amazing indie game that came to be from an Elder Scrolls: Skyrim mod and you probably are loving the experience right now! In this time traveling adventure, you get to witness an ancient lost Roman city and try to save it from its inevitable fall. And you might be wondering how you could do this bare handed. You don’t. To get the best ending and to have an easier life, you’ll need the golden bow. And here is how you get it.

How To Get The Golden Bow in The Forgotten City

First, to trigger the quest that will get you the golden bow, you have to defeat the assassin and get his wooden bow. Here is how you do that in this different guide.

Once you got it, go to Desius, who’s right next to where you ended the assassin. You know, the guy with very important medicine that would only sell it for 1000 denarii.

He will start talking to you immediately when you get close to him and will offer you a deal

He will start talking about how people ended up as golden statues and tell you that the golden bow can probably do that as well.

It doesn’t really matter what you say. Just talk to him, and when he asks you if you’re “in”, say “Alright, I’ll do it”.

You will have to enter the temple of Diana, the goddess of the hunt, and exchange her golden bow with your newly procured fake golden bow.

You will enter the beautiful temple, extinguish the braziers around the statue, and click on the bow to replace it with the fake.

Unfortunately, you’ll learn that Desius has betrayed you and you will be stuck in the temple with a hornet’s nest chilling over you.

Just shoot it with your gold making bow and voila! The nest will turn gold and will break the floor, giving you a chance to escape.

What comes next doesn’t really have anything to do with the bow, besides the fact that you will use it a lot, so here is where we end this guide.

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