The Forgotten City: How To Get The Answer For Underground Hermit & Equitia

Who is the god that reins supreme in The Forgotten City? – Also, spoilers below, beware.

You’ve been playing this, right? The Forgotten City is a great mystery, adventure game, that is almost fully choice based, and, at core, was a mod for The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. Now that this indie game is out and ready to be played, some of you might end up into situations in which you don’t know what to do… And speaking with this random guy in the underground of the city might make you a bit confused. Who is the god that has created the city? Let’s find out.

How To Get The Answer For Underground Hermit & Equitia – The Forgotten City

To get the answer to the first of his questions, you will first need to do a side quest. A pretty interesting one that the game developers have urged players not to spoil for others.

So, once I tell you about the quest that you should do, I think that you should first try it out yourself and then come here for help. The quest is given by Equitia.

If you have, let’s proceed:

  • Talk to Equitia about her “story”.
  • She will urge you to ask other people about their origin. Ask as many people as you can find.
  • You will learn more about Karen and how everyone ended up here almost the same way. Talk to Equitia again.
  • She will tell you to meet at her at the bathhouse after you’ve told her about your discoveries. To do this, you first need to finish off the assassin.
  • Go to the bathhouse and learn the truth about The Forgotten City and about your past.

Once you’ve gotten the real story about what is happening around here, proceed back to the hermit, now that you’ve gained the quest to get the plaques, and tell him what you’ve learned…

(Spoilers) That Pluto is the god that created this city and that you’re in the Underworld.

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