V Rising: Bane the ShadowBlade Boss Guide

The shadows won’t save you from my fangs.

You think darkness is your ally? You merely adopted the dark. Bane was born in the darkness, molded by it. He became one with the darkness and became Bane the Shadowblade. Bane is one of the newest bosses that was added in the newest update for V Rising. In this guide, I will show you how you can fight this shadowy foe and drain him of his blood in V Rising’s newest update, Secrets of Gloomrot.

Bane the ShadowBlade Boss Guide

Finding Bane is actually pretty hard, as he does not stay in one place in this location. However, you can track him down by following the trail of V Blood on the ground. That’s how you can find Bane in this large area.

Bane location in V Rising.

When fighting against Bane, he will attack you with a couple of abilities first. The first ability is an AoE attack where he spins around to slice you with his blade. His next attack is a dash attack that leaves behind phantoms, but they disappear after a couple of seconds.

Fighting against Bane in V Rising.

Banes main ability is a tough one. He will glow purple before your vision darkens. You will slowly regain your vision back, but you will find yourself surrounded by hooded figures and a couple of skeleton enemies. You will need to find out which hooded figure is the real Bane. If you attack the wrong hooded figure, then an enemy will spawn in his place. Taking too long will make all of the hooded figures spawn enemies.

Bane unleashing his main ability in V Rising.

Aside from that, Bane doesn’t have any other abilities. He is, however, very quick and relies on tricks to confuse you and attack you. He will also become aggressive when his health is low, making him attack faster and faster. Just be sure to dodge his attacks and find the right hooded figure when he uses his main ability.

Bane close to death in V Rising.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat Bane the Shadowblade boss on V Rising. Did you mange to beat this hard boss? Let us know in the comments below.

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