V Rising: Castle Relocation Guide + Tips & Tricks

Who said relocating to a new city was a pain?

In V Rising, your castle plays an important role in the entire game experience. The castle is your home and your main base of operations where you do most of your crafting. However, as you progress through the game you might find a better spot for your base. So, what do you do in this case? Luckily, V Rising has a Castle Relocation mechanic that you can use to transport your castle to a new spot. But how exactly does this mechanic work? How can you take the most advantage of it? We’ll look at all of that and more in this guide. Let’s dive in!

Castle Relocation Guide

The Castle Relocation mechanic allows you to transport the main aspects of your base to another entirely different location. However, it can be a bit confusing. So, we’ll go through the entire process and then provide you with tips and tricks for each step. The new V Rising 1.0 update has also changed up quite a bit of mechanics. For example, filling waterskins has now been completely revamped.

Old Base Preparation

Starting off, you’ll be making certain preparations for your old base. This is the Castle that you’ll be relocating to the new area. 

For the most part, you won’t really have to do much since all the items and your resources will be moved automatically depending on your selections in the later steps. Any item that you don’t want moved will be transformed into its seed resources. However, this means that anything that is currently being crafted or in production will not be moved. 

Additionally, anything under harvest will not be converted into resources. So, we recommend that you harvest everything before you proceed with the castle relocation process. A useful tip that we have for you is to always build a castle first in the Farbane Woods area. After that, you can relocate it to a higher level area as you progress through the game.

Speaking of Farbane Woods, why not check out our guide which will show you how you can convert copper coins into silver coins in the area.

Castle Room in V Rising.

New Location Preparation

Once you’ve dealt with your old base, it is time to start taking measures for the new location in V Rising. Firstly, you’ll need to make sure that you have at least 100 Blood Essence. You can easily get this by killing enemies.

Additionally, you want to have a mostly empty Inventory, so the relocation process is much more streamlined later. After that, make your way to the new location where you’re interested in relocating your base. You’ll be clearing out this new area so that it is safe for the new location.

So, we recommend that you clear out a decently sized area for your new castle. This includes eliminating any wildlife and removing plants so that they do not interrupt you later. This new area should roughly be the size of the area that your old castle occupies. This should include any additional expansion plans you have.

Clearing out wildlife in V Rising.

Link Castles (Initiate Castle Relocation Process)

Once the new location has been prepared, it is time to initiate the Castle Relocation process in V Rising. Starting off, you’ll be placing the Castle Relocation Heart down in the new location.

Castle Relocation Heart in V Rising.

After it’s placed, interact with it and a menu will pop up. Select the Connect a Castle Heart option.

Connecting Castle in V Rising.

This will open up a map showing all your existing Castles throughout the V Rising world. Select the Castle that you want to relocate to the new location.

Interestingly, you can connect the Castle Heart of any friends within your clan. However, this is a very quick way to test your friendships. We imagine your offline friends will not be very happy once they come back to see their Castle is gone!

Castle Relocation Menu in V Rising.

Once the castles are connected, the Castle Relocation process will begin. The following objectives for the Castle Relocation will appear:

  • Place Travel Bags
  • Place Mandatory Structures
  • Complete the relocation from the Castle Relocation Heart.
Castle Relocation objectives in V Rising.

Place Mandatory Structures

Before we continue with the Castle Relocation, it is essential that you understand any important aspect of it.

The Castle Relocation process in V Rising divides all Castle Structures in two categories. These two categories for the structures are:

  • Mandatory Structures
  • Optional Structures (basically everything else).

The structures that fall in the Mandatory Structures category for Castle Relocation include the following items:

  • Relocation Travel Bags (Castle Tab)
  • Everything on the Production Tab except Growing Plots.
Castle Relocation Structures in V Rising.

The other structures in the menu can optionally be moved if you want. However, if you do not move the Optional Structures, they will be converted into their seed resources

The materials for these Optional Structures will be placed in your Relocation Travel Bags at the new castle location. So, once you’re ready to continue the relocation process, make sure to first place down the Travel Bags.

Travel Bags in V Rising.

After that, it is time to place down all the Mandatory Structures. They will fall in the category we discussed above.

If there are other Optional Structures that you want in your new base, you can easily move them here too. However, you will absolutely have to move all the Mandatory Structures in V Rising, so make sure you do that. Before we move onto finishing the process, you must keep some precautionary measures in mind.

Placing Mandatory Structures in V Rising.

Things To Keep in Mind (Precautionary Measures)

When you’re moving all your structures to the new base, there are certain things that you should be wary of in V Rising. If you’re playing offline, you can simply place the structures wherever you want in the area as quickly as possible. It’ll be much quicker to put them down and then organize them later.

However, if you’re on a PVP or online server, this is a very risky move. Instead, you should build an enclosed room and place all your items there. This is to ensure that you do not get immediately robbed or griefed by other players on the server.

Additionally, keep in mind that you cannot move away from the new location during the Castle Relocation process. If you leave the territory, you’ll get a 30 second warning. Once this time runs out, the Castle Relocation process will terminate.

Castle Relocation aborting warning in V Rising.

So, make sure that you are committed to the Castle Relocation process before you initiate it. You can also cancel the process yourself by interacting with the Castle Relocation Heart. Here, selecting the Disconnect Castle option will end the process. Alternatively, you can just disconnect the Castle Heart itself to end the process.

Disconnect Castle option in V Rising.

Finally, there is a cooldown on how many times you can relocate a Castle in V Rising. By default, this cooldown is set to 3 hours so keep that in mind when you’re starting the process. However, this cooldown is a server based setting. Depending on your server, this cooldown can be more or less.

Castle Relocation cooldown in V Rising.

Finishing Castle Relocation Process

Now that you’ve moved everything and taken the proper precautions, it is time to finish up the Castle Relocation process in V Rising. To do this, interact with the Castle Relocation Heart in your new location.

After that, select the Relocate Castle option and confirm it. Doing so, will magically move all the items from your old castle to the new location. And with that, the Castle Relocation process will conclude. You’ll find that your resources have also automatically been converted and conveniently put in your Travel Bags.

Relocate Castle option in V Rising.

That’s everything you need to know about the Castle Relocation process in V Rising. We recommend that you utilize these tips and tricks for the best experience possible. At some point in the game, you’ll also come across many bosses. Check out our Ziva The Engineer Boss guide in case you have trouble with this particular boss.


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