V Rising: Grethel The Glass Blower Boss Guide

Sharp as glass, but fragile like one.

V Rising’s newest update brings a plethora of new content that players can enjoy. From new gear, better castle building mechanics, and even new bosses to fight. One such boss we will be focusing on is Grethel the Glass Blower. Now don’t underestimate her, as glass, while fragile and easily breakable, can easily cut through the strongest man like they’re nothing.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to fight against Grethel and all of the things you need to know when you face against this formidable opponent.

Grethel The Glass Blower Boss Guide

You can find Grethel in a building in Quartz Quarry.

Grethel location in V Rising.

When you start the fight against Grethel, she will do two attacks. Grethel will first shoot three Cyclones towards you, then immediately follow it up with a dash attack. Both of these attacks are easily dodgeable, just look for the right time to move out of the way.

Fighting Grethel in V Rising.

After Grethel does her attacks, she will continue to attack you. Half of the time, instead of attacking, she will cast a shield on herself to defend herself. The shield is breakable from both melee and range attacks. I recommend using ranged attacks to break the shield from afar, as getting close might trigger her to use her Cyclone and dash attack.

Grethel casting a shield on herself in V Rising.

Soon after she introduces her shield ability, Grethel will then do an AoE attack. She will use her blower to shoot fire lava globs in the air and they will land in random places. When they land, they will stay there until Grethel does her next ability. It’s easy to dodge these attacks, as the game will tell you where they land. However, try to get some distance away from the AoE spots, as you can accidentally wander into them if you’re not careful.

Grethel;s AoE attack in V Rising.

When you bring down Grethel’s health down to half, she will then unleash her next ability, which is to blow a strong gust of wind at your direction. If you run in front or behind the lava spots, the gust of wind will cool down the spots and they will turn into glass. Run away from the glass, as it will explode and hit you if you are not careful.

The lava spots are now glass in V Rising.

As the fight goes on, her aggression will grow and her attacks will become more powerful and more frequent. Do not panic here. Stay a good distance away from Grethel and attack her from afar. Melee attacks are fine, but just be sure to dodge out of the way the second you see her use one of her abilities. Eventually, you will take her down and you can then extract her blood.

Grethel close to death in V Rising.

That’s all you need to know about fighting Grethel the Glass Blower. Did you manage to beat this boss? Let us know in the comments below.

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