V Rising: How To Beat Frostmaw Guide

It’s a hard fight but not impossible!

V Rising How To Beat Frostmaw Guide

Boss fights are always a fun and challenging part of any video game but sometimes they can be too difficult. You can always try and try again but sometimes you just hit a wall and need some help. In V Rising, one of the bosses that you can fight in the game is Frostmaw and it can be quite difficult. That’s why you’ll want to know how the boss moves and what can you do to make the fight easier! In this guide, we’ll show you how you can beat Frostmaw by giving you a lot of tips and tricks in fighting it. Now, let’s see how we can beat this overgrown popsicle!

How To Beat Frostmaw Guide

The Frostmaw boss in V Rising is one of the more difficult enemies to fight in the game. Not only is the boss nimble and can deal high damage, but it also freezes and stuns you with most of its attacks! Here are some tips to help you out in defeating it!

SIDE NOTE: Make sure you have the best passives for the fight. Check out our All Passive Guide for more details!

Get The Right Abilities

Before you go fighting, you’ll want to get the right abilities to make the fight easier. A couple of the better abilities out there are Chaos Barrier and Ward of the Damned. The former can be used to deal damage while blocking its ranged attacks and the latter can mitigate melee attacks and rushes.

V Rising Ranged Ability
Kite the boss with ranged attacks!

The Ward of the Damned also summons skeletons that can aggro the boss a bit letting you get free hits. You can use high-damage ultimates when this happens to maximize your damage. You can also go for ranged attacks and Scythes to make the fight easier as you kite the boss. Just be sure to go around the area and not away from it or the boss will de-aggro and regain health.

V Rising Ultimate Ability
Get that big damage up!

Use The Terrain

Before starting a fight with the Frostmaw boss, make sure that you fight it near a large rock as shown below. By rocks, I mean impassable parts of the terrain and not nodes for stone. Make sure it’s one where you can go around it easily.

V Rising Use The Terrain
One thing the boss can’t destroy is the map obstacles!

This is because you can easily use this impassable part of the terrain to block a number of the boss’ attacks. It’s also a great way to give yourself some breathing room between attacks and wait for cooldowns.

Learn The Attacks

Like most bosses, the easiest way to defeat them is to learn their attacks. Frostmaw is one of the more difficult bosses out there because of its ability to freeze and rush you. That’s why you should always prepare for its moves.

V Rising Frostmaw AOE Attack
Start running away!

The first move you should know about is an AOE ice attack that can slow or stun you. The boss will raise his hand before the attack which can help you spot it. When you see their hand raise up, you better start dodging away!

V Rising Frostmaw Rush Attack
Use a block ability to mitigate rushes!

Another attack you should anticipate is its charge attack. This is tricker to see since it’s near instant. You can use abilities like Ward of the Damned to protect yourself.

V Rising Frostmaw Projectile Attack
Counter or use the Terrain for those projectiles!

Another annoying attack to deal with is its range attack. The boss will throw 3 Projectiles at you that can freeze and stun you. You CAN’T dodge before the projectile since the boss reads your inputs. The best way to dodge it is to ‘bait’ it by sidestepping to the other direction when the projectile leaves its hands. Just be careful not to get hit by the small AOE the projectile has!

V Rising Frostmaw Melee Attack
Block those melee attacks!

Second Stage

When you whittle down the Boss’ HP to around 60%, the second phase will begin. The boss will howl and spawn a blizzard around the area. You’ll have to dodge the floor hazards by looking for the red circles and not stepping on them.

NOTE: The boss will spawn a Blizzard again at around 30% HP.

V Rising Frostmaw Blizzard
Keep an eye out for those red circles!

Frostmaw will also do charging attacks towards you while the Blizzard is up. Use counter or guard abilities like Ward of the Damned to deal with them. If they’re under cooldown, then use the terrain or I-frames from dodges.

V Rising Frostmaw Beam Attack
Make sure to dodge this attack!

After the first blizzard, you’ll need to watch out for this one attack. When the boss starts going on all fours, that’s when you start running or dodging away as far as possible. That’s because the boss will shoot out a high-damage beam in an arc in front of him.

Don’t bother tanking this attack, just try to run and dodge as far away as possible while the attack happens! If you get hit by this attack you’ll also be frozen for a couple of seconds.

With these tips, you can hopefully defeat Frostmaw in V Rising! Now, go out there and try to beat him yourself! Need to relocate your castle in the game? Check out our Castle Relocation Guide for more details!


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