New World: Complete Gather Luck Guide

Get as much luck as you can!

Despite the rough start of New World after a few patches and content updates later it’s now looking like one of the better MMOs out there. The game has changed a lot since it was released with new areas, events, and even weapon types.

There’s still a long way to go for the MMO if it wants to be on the top but it’s getting there, and a loyal fanbase has been formed around it.

In this guide, we’ll show you how Gather luck works in the game and what you can do to influence it so that you can gather better in the game!

Complete Gather Luck Guide For New World

There are 3 types of luck in the game:

  • Loot Luck: Affects item drops from enemies as well as items you get from chests (not counting containers you open in your inventory)
  • Fishing Luck: Affects the quality of fish you get and not the salvage you get them
  • Gather Luck: Affects the rare materials you get from gathering from nodes

Reinforced Luck Perks

Each Gathering profession in the game has its own Gathering luck stat so if you want to maximize your gathering with all the professions, you’ll need to have high gathering luck on each of them.

The most basic way to get gathering luck is to get Reinforced Luck Perks for certain gathering professions.

Here are the Reinforced Luck Perks you can get:

  • Reinforced Mining Luck
  • Reinforced Skinning Luck
  • Reinforced Logging Luck
  • Reinforced Harvesting Luck

Food Buffs

Source: 5 Head Survival Gaming – YouTube

There are also food buffs that can give you even more gathering luck.

The easiest way to get them is to go to the trading post and buy them under Trade Skill Bonus Foods. Of course, you can also make them yourself!


Source: 5 Head Survival Gaming – YouTube

Forts can also give you a +10% Gathering Luck Boost when you’re gathering so make sure to check your faction to see if they have a fort controlled with that bonus.

Gathering Trophies

Source: 5 Head Survival Gaming – YouTube

There are also gathering trophies that you can place at your home which gives you even more luck for the gathering profession of that trophy!

That’s all there is for the methods of obtaining more chances to boost your Gather Luck! Now go out there and make use of it!

Many thanks to 5 Head Survival Gaming for showing everyone how this works, if you need more information on the subject then go check their YouTube video out!

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