V Rising: How to Craft Primal Blood Essence

How do you get the Primal Blood Essence?

Defending your Castle’s Heart or your base in V Rising is one of the key parts to survival. But how exactly do you defend your Castle’s heart and keep it functioning? This guide will show you how to craft Primal Blood Essence in V Rising. 

Craft Primal Blood Essence – V Rising

Blood Essence is one of the items you can get in V Rising. This item is crucial because it keeps your castle’s heart functioning, allowing you to use tools like the Loom. You can get the Blood Essence from any creature that has blood like animals or bandits. 

However, these creatures can only drop low-level blood essence. If you cannot supply your castle’s heart constantly with Blood essence, it will start to decay. This is why the Primal Blood Essence is important. The Primal Blood Essence is the best type of Blood Essence in the game. 

To craft it, you need to defeat Jade the Vampire Hunter. You can use the Blood Altar to track him down and defeat him. Jade the Vampire Hunter is a level 62 boss so make sure you are prepared. Once you defeat him, you will unlock two things. 

You will unlock the Primal Blood Essence and the Major Explosive Box. You can also make the Primal Blood Essence control humans as your servants. 

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