V Rising – How to get Silkworms

The easy farming of silkworms and where to find them

 In V Rising’s fantasy world of mythical horrors, crafting items is a very crucial aspect of the game that the player will have to learn for their game progression, and what comes to mind when you mention crafting? That’s right, farming materials. This article is all about that, farming, and to be more specific, how to farm Silkworms.

Silkworm is an item necessary for crafting Silks, a rare yet very crucial crafting material in V Rising, most particularly in the end game. Given how demanding the game can be for Silks, the player will easily find himself scurrying the world map of places to find the materials to craft them. In this case, one of these materials is Silkworm.

To get Silkworms, the players must go to the Spider Cave situated at the middle north of the Cursed Forest Region.

The player must destroy the large spider cocoons that they’ll find within the caverns of the spider cave. These spider cocoons can sometimes spawn Spiders too, which themselves, can also drop Silkworms. The player will also randomly encounter a spider with several cocoon in its back; this creature is also likely to drop Silkworms too!  Over all, the drop rate for Silkworms is relatively common so the player shouldn’t take very long to farm them.

That’s about it for farming Silkworms! Hope this article helped you in your crafting needs! 

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