V Rising: Ultimate Blood Farming Guide | Best Locations, Upgrades & More Gloomrot

That’s a lot of blood!

With the introduction of new content in the Gloomrot update for V Rising, players might be wondering if changes were made to the Blood Farming. This guide will break down all the steps necessary to get a good Blood Farm to satisfy your needs!

Ultimate Blood Farming Guide

Considering the information that this guide contains, we divided it into the following parts for your convenience:

Initial Step

The first thing to keep in mind is that before starting to search for an appropriate prisoner for the prison cell, they must be transported to the cell as quickly and safely as possible. For this purpose, it is recommended to craft Dusk Callers at the Alchemy Table in stacks of five.

Crafting the Dusk Caller

The Dusk Caller requires 3 Scourgestone and 45 Hell’s Carrion to craft. Hell’s Carrion can be obtained from the Bandit Copper Mine, Bear Cave, Haunted Iron Mine, and Scourgestone from the Church of the Damned and the Ancient Village.

Lastly, it is recommended to have vacant Prison Cells since it is possible that while searching, you can find a prisoner with a higher blood percentage than one that you already have.

Spare prison cells

Where to Hunt?

Following the initial preparations, the next step is to choose where to search for prisoners. If your goal is to farm resources for the endgame, then the logical choice is to search in Gloomrot and Silverlight Hills.

Gloomrot and Silverlight Hills

This is because both of these areas are endgame areas and because servants assigned to areas where they were captured receive bonus loot with a passive ability

However, it is also worthwhile to search for servants in the Dunley Farmlands to farm for Wool Threads. This is because certain gear, such as Bloodmoon Gear, requires Ghost Yarn for repairs which can be crafted at the loom using Wool Threads.

Wool Thread required for repairing armor

Best Dunley Areas

The best place to look for high quality blood includes the Dawnbreak Village, Bastion of Dunley. For high quality scholar blood, Mosswick Village and the Dunley Monastery are your best bets.

Best Farming spots in Dunley Farmlands

To begin head for the Mosswick Village on the vampire steed and activate blood hunger to see all the blood qualities. Walking up the hill will reveal a building with even more scholars.

Climbing up Hill

If none of the blood qualities satisfy you then jump down and head North towards the Dunley Monastery. It is important to note that inside the Monastery you will take Holy Radiation Damage so be sure to have Holy Resistance Potions in your inventory.


Before heading inside the church walk around the outside to see if there is any high blood quality. If not, then go inside. If none of the scholars have high blood quality, even inside the church, kill all of them and wait for them to respawn. However, make sure to take care of Raziel the Shepherd since he is inside the church and will attack you.

Entering Church

Just North of the Monastery is a Vampire Waygate that can be used to travel to Silverlight Hills. It is important to utilize night time for high quality blood hunting since it can be diffciult during the day.


Best Silverlight Areas

For Silverlight Hills the best zones to farm for high quality blood are the Army Outposts, close to the Fortress of Light, and the Brighthaven, which has the highest density of humans.

Best Silverlight Areas

Using the same method as used for the Dunley Farmlands, mount your steed and walk around the areas while Blood Hunger is activated.

Walking around Brighthaven

During daytime, we recommend that you visit the Sacred Silver Mine as there are a lot of humans here as well. After you are done searching the mine, escape using the Bat form in order to avoid fighting Sir Magnus the Overseer.

Escaping the Mines using Bat Form

Best Gloomrot Areas

The best places to visit in Gloomrot for high quality blood are the Trancendum Camps and the Pools of Rebirth. The Trancendum Camps are scattered around this new area. They can be found near the yellow spots on the map and around the Trancendum Machine Factory.

Best Gloomrot Areas

The Pools of Rebirth are arguably the best spot for farming since all the different blood types can be found here, including the new mutant type.

Pools of Rebirth

If you find nothing at the Pools of Rebirth, follow the path South to the Rustlock Village. Like the Pools of Rebirth, all the blood types can be found there. Once done with the Village, head South and visit the Trancendum Camps before wrapping around to the Trancendum Mine.

Best rotation paths

After the Trancendum Mine visit the rest of the Trancendum Camps before heading over to the Trancendum Machine Factory where even during the day, you can hunt while staying in the shadows.

Path to Mahine Factory

After visiting all these path you can visit the Power Plant and Thunderstrike Peak to recharge batteries and finally leave the area using the Vampire Waygate.

Gloomrot Waygate

Capture Blood

Let’s say you found a high quality blood and want to capture it. We will use the example of a 99% Rogue found at the Sacred Silver Mine.

99% Rogue

The first thing to do is to guide the high quality blood away from the Mine and the other enemies. Once there are only one or two enemies other than the high quality blood kill them so you are only left with the high quality blood.

Rogue Alone

Disarm the high quality blood and use Dominate Human to make the blood your servant.

Using Dominate Human

Next, use the Dusk Caller to transport the high quality blood to the prison cell.

Using Dusk Caller

Upgrade Blood

One of the most important aspects of blood farming is to make sure that your prisoners are well fed to avoid ruining the blood quality. One way to increase the blood quality is to feed your prison Irradiant Gruel to increase the blood quality by 1-2%. However, this has a very high probability of mutating the prisoner so it is only worth using on prisoner close to 100%.

Irradiant Gruel

If your prisoners have lost a considerable amount of health and have less misery feed them Fat Goby. However, if they have a large amount of misery it is best to use Sage Fish. In order to keep misery to a minimum, obtaining Blood Merlots instead of Blood Potions is recommended.

Feeding Prisoners

Lastly, prisoners can be fed Rainbow Trouts, which restore a slight amount of health. Rats can also be used since they can easily be farmed inside the base.

With the tips mentioned above make sure that you maintian an inventory of Blood Potions and Blood Merlots for PVE and PVP encounters. Use Worked Blood for farming resources, Warrior, Brute, and Rogue Blood for melee combat, and Scholar Blood for spell casting. If you are looking for more V Rising content, make sure to check them out!

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