Farming Simulator 22: Fieldstone Guide

Learn how to deal with Fieldstones!

Farming Simulator offers an almost true-to-life farming experience. Fieldstones are one of the things you will encounter in Farming Simulator 22. This guide may help you in learning how to deal with Fieldstones in Farming Simulator 22. 

What are Fieldstones?

Fieldstones appear in your field randomly when you are cultivating or plowing. There are two types of Fieldstones, a smaller one and a bigger one. The smaller one can appear when you use cultivators and the bigger fieldstones will appear if you use plowers. 

When fieldstones appear, you need to remove them because they can damage your equipment whenever you use them on the field. If you do not want them showing up on your farm, you can turn off the Fieldstone option in your settings. 

How to Remove Fieldstones

To remove Fieldstones, you can go to the store and press the Stone Picker option. There are 3 stone picker options and you can choose whichever you prefer. You can hook this up with a tractor and remove the Fieldstones.

There is another way you can remove Fieldstones but this method will only work on the smaller Fieldstones. You can purchase a Roller in the store and use it on the field. This will move the smaller Fieldstone out of your Field.

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