Farming Simulator 22: How To Make Money FAST

Make Easy Money in Farming Simulator 22.

The process of making money in Farming Simulator itself is long and difficult. You need to go through a long process of tasks to perform in order to earn money. If you need quick money and you do not have time to wait to make a profit, there is a way for that.

How To Make Money Fast – Farming Simulator 22

Although the point of the game itself is to be realistic and get the profit only after the work is done, sometimes you need too much money to buy anything.

There is a fairly simple way to make a living. Just go to the nearest place where silage bales are sold.

You will need a tractor with a pushpin. Go to the store in the game menu go to objects and here you will find the bales.

Just buy as much as you can and push the pile into the sales spot. If you have bought the maximum amount of bales, more precisely 8, this will generate a profit of at least 5000 euros.

You can repeat this procedure until you get bored or until you collect the necessary money, but it will certainly work every time without exception.

Of course, there are many ways to work that are profitable by selling various plants, animals, products, and others but they are certainly not as easy as this one.

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