Farming Simulator 22: Cows Guide

How to Handle Cows in Farming Simulator 22.

Coping with cows in Farming Simulator 22 can be a bit daunting. You need to know what to do and at what time. So below you have a small guide to everything you need to know about raising cows.

Cows Guide – Farming Simulator 22

Let’s suppose you have already bought a barn where you will raise cows. The next step is buying cows, which is quite easy, one option is to buy them at the places where cows are sold.

If you own the transport for cows you can save a little on the transport itself or another option is to buy them in the barn that you own.

An important part is a way you raise your cows. Keep in mind that cows do not give milk until they have their first cubs, specifically an entire season.

The equipment you will need to feed and feed the cows is a straw blower, a food mixing machine (total mix rotation), and a tractor.

In the total mix rotation, you will need to put 2 hey bales, one silage bale, and one straw bale. You will put the bales in the rotation mix with your tractor.

Once you have done this, attach the trailer to the tractor and the total mix rotation should be ready.

With this, the food for the cows is ready and you have to dump it on the ranch where the cows are located, or in the bar itself, there is a location where the mixture should be dumped.

Next, put a straw bale in the straw blower and rub it into the barn as well. Then take the water canister and water the cows on the ranch.

When there is milk in front of the ranch, there is a milk icon, you have to go through it with a tank and by pressing the button, the filling of the milk will start.

If you want to transport cows to another location you will need a cow trailer, this trailer has a maximum capacity of 2 cows.

If you don’t have any of the equipment required above, you can buy them all at the shop in the tool section.

The milk you will collect needs to be sold. My advice is to sell the same in the supermarket because it gives you the best price.

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