Farming Simulator 22: Potatoes Guide

How to Plant and Harvest Potatoes.

They are quite simple, we can use the potatoes in a Farming Simulator 22 for feeding the pigs or possibly for sale, but the prices are not very enviable. However, you need specific equipment that is only for potatoes.

Potatoes Guide – Farming Simulator 22

Potatoes are quite similar to sugar beet, they produce large quantities just like sugar beet. You will first need a potato planter and seed potatoes.

 You will attach the planter to the tractor and start the planting process.

Тhe planter for this job is GL 420 from by GRIMME. In terms of equipment, you will also need a harvester and that is it Grimme Varitron 470 Platinum Terra this is a self-propelled combine harvester.

When the time comes to harvest the potatoes you will use the harvester.

Keep in mind that the capacity is limited so you will need a trailer and a tractor where you will unload the potatoes when the harvester is full.

Unload the loaded trailer into the fruit silo and return to the harvester. There are several types of harvesters that will allow you to collect potatoes, but this one is quite simple.

You can harvest potatoes by using combine harvesters attached to the tractor – Grimme SE 260 or ROPA Keiler 2.

I advise you to avoid the model combine harvesters attached to the tractor because it needs a front cover (Grimme KS 75-4) to work. It is definitely a more complicated way of working.

From one hectare planted with potatoes, you can get 110 thousand liters or 30 thousand dollars. As I mentioned, you can use potatoes for pig feed or for sale.

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