Farming Simulator 22: How To Sow & Harvest Canola

How to Grow a Canola in a Farming Simulator 22.

Growing canola or any other crop in Farming Simulator 22 can be a long process. There are a few steps you need to take. Of course, it can be said that it is a realistic process.

Sow & Harvest Canola in Farming Simulator

We will first list the equipment you need for planting and collecting canola. As with any Farming Simulator job, you need a tractor for this. You need a cultivator to cultivate the field.

You need a seeder to plant the grains. You need a fertilizer spreader to fertilize the field.

You need a weeder to remove the grass, you need a harvester. Finally, you need a trailer to transport the harvest.

Start with the fertilizer first, buy the fertilizer spreader, my recommendation is K165 from BREDAL, and buy fertilizer.

 You can hire an AI worker for this but make sure the whole field is covered with fertilizer. Then there is the canola planting.

Buy a seeder from the in-game store. An example of a seeder is the Citan 15001-C from AMAZONE. He will do the job well.

Of course, you also need canola seeds for planting. With that, the planting process is finished.

When the time comes to harvest here you will need a harvester, you can buy for example Ideal 9T by MASSEY FERGUSON. Here you will need the canola trailer.

Start the process of harvesting and when the harvester is full, unload the harvested canola into the trailer.

As you will need to unload the trailer several times, store the canola in the silos. The gathered canola can then be transported by train or by other methods if you want to sell it.

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