Farming Simulator 22: How To Get Manure

Simple Way to Make Manure.

Manure is created if the player provides straw bedding to cows or pigs.  The fertilizer will help you in the process of soil fertilization, more precisely 50% of the fertilization is covered by the manure itself. In this case, the manure can not be bought but can be sold.

How To Get Manure – Farming Simulator 22

The method of producing manure is quite simple.

The animals themselves will produce a slurry, to produce manure you will just need to add a straw. So all you will need is straw and slurry.

However, no matter how much straw you add, it will be in vain if you do not have a manure heap extension.

This is necessary for manure storage. To buy this you need to go to the build menu and silos extension. Select the manure heap extension and place it near the barn.

Make sure the manure heap extension is near the barn and you can see the price, only then will the extension work.

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