Farming Simulator 22: How To Lime Fields

It’s lime time.

Farming Simulator 22 is a game that a lot of people play to have fun. Simulator games like Farming Simulator aren’t always going to be a 1:1 accurate representation of what they’re like. Instead, they’re mostly just for fun.

There are a lot of things left out in the simulator games that make them dreadful in real life. Instead, they take the fun part in these real-life jobs and put them in the simulator games, like liming a field. In this guide, I will show you how you can lime your fields in Farming Simulator 22.

How To Lime Fields

Fertilizer Spreader

Just like in the real world, you will need to go to the shop to purchase the things you need to lime your fields. To lime your fields, you will need to buy a Fertilizer Spreader.

When in the shop, select the Tools tab and scroll down until you find the Fertilizer Spreaders. Click on it and you will be taken to the next screen.

Fertilizer Spreaders in the shop in Farming Simulator 22.

In the Fertilizer Spreaders, you will have 4 selections to choose from. The two on the left are essentially the smaller versions of the two on the right.

However, you won’t be buying anything but the second option, which is the Bredal K105. The reason why this one is so good is because the Bredal Fertilizer Spreaders can spread not only fertilizer, but also lime.

You can opt to lease the Bredal K105 to save money, but if you’re going to be liming your fields a lot in the future, it’s much better to just purchase the Bredal K105, as it is a good investment.

Also, you can go for the K165 if you have a much larger field you need to lime, but only then. If you have a smaller field, the K165 is just overkill, which makes K105 the only option that saves money.

Buying the Bredal K105 in Farming Simulator 22.

How to Buy Lime

Now that we have the Fertilizer Spreader that will spread your limes, we now have to buy the limes itself.

On the left side of the screen, you will find the Objects tab that is under the Tools tab. In the Objects tab, you will find 4 categories. Click on BigBag Pallets to find the fertilizer and limes to purchase.

Going to the BigBag Pallets to buy lime in Farming Simulator 22.

Once in the BigBag Pallets section of the store, you will be able to find Lime. Click on it and you will find yourself in the purchase screen.

Buying Lime in Farming Simulator 22.

At the purchase screen, you will be able to purchase as many limes as you want. At the top right side of the screen, you can click on the arrow buttons to add or subtract the amount you want.

After getting the amount of limes you need, you can then click on the Buy button and purchase the limes.

Adding or removing the amount of limes you want in Farming Simulator 22.

After buying the lime, you will then need to go back and buy fertilizer as well. Click on Solid Fertilizer and then do the same thing again. Set the amount you need and then buy them.

Buying Solid Fertilizer in Farming Simulator 22.

How to Use Lime on Fields

Once you have purchased everything you need, you will exit the shop and find all of your purchases waiting for you outside.

Assuming you have your tractor with you, get inside your tractor and then back up until you can hook up the tractor and the spreader.

Hooking the tractor and the spreader together in Farming Simulator 22.

With the spreader now attached to your tractor, you will now have to fill the spreader with lime. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go out of the tractor and manually fill it with the lime.

Instead, you will need to maneuver your tractor, so that it’s close to the pallets of limes and then press the refill button. You will see at the bottom of your screen that a meter is being filled up.

That meter is the amount of lime or fertilizer you have in your spreader. It will continue to fill up until the meter is full or the pallet is emptied into the spreader.

Keep doing this with all of the lime you purchased. Once the pallets are gone, you can now lime your fields (don’t worry about the fertilizer, you can come back for those later).

Filling up your spreader with limes in Farming Simulator 22.

Back at your field, you will have to align your tractor to the edge of the field. Once you’ve done that, turn on the fertilizer spreader and the spreader will start spreading out the lime behind you.

You will have to drive forward and cover the field as you do so, making sure that the field is covered 100% and that there are not patchy spots on the field.

You can also hire a worker to do the work for you if you don’t want to do this yourself.

Either way, the field should be limed nicely and then you will have to go back to the shop where you left your fertilizer earlier, so you can fertilize your field. But at least your farm has been limed nicely.

Now that you know how to lime your fields, you might want to check out the Best Autoload & Bale Storage Combo For Console as well.

Liming your fields in Farming Simulator 22.

That’s all you need to know on how to lime your fields in Farm Simulator 22. Did this guide help you understand the process of liming your fields in Farming Simulator 22? Let us know in the comments below.

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