Farming Simulator 22: How To Use The Sugar Mill

Guide Through The Sugar Mill.

Sales, purchases, options you have with the sugar mill, how to own one, where to position it. All this information will be told to you below. Sugar can be quite cost-effective so pay attention.

Using The Sugar Mill – Farming Simulator 22

If you have a sugar mill on the map you can use it for your need, you will only need to buy it first or the other option is to buy it, it is in the production menu.

For a sugar mill to work, it needs sugar beet, a sugar cane, or chopped beets. Then you need the menu for the production chain, you have it on the icon at the entrance of the sugar mill.

Here you can activate the production of any product and also you can see the cost per hour.

Here you also have the recipe or the ratio of how much sugar beet is needed for a certain amount of sugar. When you have a certain amount you need to unload it in the mill.

As for the production, you have the option to store the sugar with this you get pallets of sugar that will be on the square space marked with a yellow and black stripe.

 You can sell the sugar manually this way. Then you have the option to sell. If you choose this the mill will automatically sell the sugar for the most expensive price on the market.

Be careful if you choose this way of selling you will have a commission of 40 percent.

Finally, you can choose the distribution option, this will continue the production in chocolates or if you have bakery into a cake.

Specifically, it continues the production in a more expensive product, and this way you do not receive a distribution commission.

That’s all you need to know about the sugar mill.

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