Farming Simulator 22: How To Create New Fields | Start Farming

Time to yield some crops!

Planting and producing crops on your farm is a great way to build your finances. But how exactly do you create fields and start farming in Farming Simulator 22? If you want to know how to create new fields and start your farming business, read on below. 

How To Create New Fields

If you are not using any mods, you have to use a Plow to create New Fields. There are other fields that you can find on the map, ready for planting. But if you would like to create your fields, you need to buy a Plow tool first. 

To do so, go to the Equipment tab in the menu and select Tools. There are various tools that you can purchase here but scroll down until you see the Plows icon. Choose the Plow you want to start Creating New Fields. 

How To Use Your Plow

Go to your Tractor and use your Plow. Before you can create new fields, you have to enable the Create Field option first. You can do so by pressing Y. Press V to lower your Plow and you can now drive forward and create New Fields. 

If you go to the store and press the Landscape option and press the Painting Tab. You can select the Grass option here and paint the field if you want a more precise Field for your farm. 

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