Farming Simulator 22: How To Make Straw

Make Straw Easily In Farming Simulator 22.

As we already know straw is made only with oats wheat and barley in Farming Simulator 22. You will need the straw itself for the cattle.

Make Straw Farming Simulator 22

When you have a crop ready for harvesting you need a harvester. In the harvesting options, you have a title called enable straw swath.

Enable this and you can start harvesting. When you start harvesting you will see that traces of straw remain.

This is the process of making straw. The next step is to collect the straw and for that, you will need forgе wagons.

With forge wagons you can transport the straw to the location where you want, you can store the straw in silos.

If you want to make straw bales, you will need balers for that. To make straw bales, you need to go through the straw that is in the fields with the baler and the bales will be automatically produced.

You will also need a bales loader, you can buy it at the store and then just get close to the bales with the ball loader and just pick them one by one.

With a bale loader, you can make a pile of bales and leave it in the place you want. This is the whole process of making straw and bales.

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