Farming Simulator 22: Olive Farming Guide

Way to grow olives in Farming Simulator 22

When we talk about Farming Simulator 22, it is a fairly realistic representation of farming in real life, more precisely it allows growing various plants and using them in further processing. As a more complex plant to grow are olives and there is a procedure for how it should be done. So below is a step-by-step guide on how to do this.

Olive Farming Guide – Farming Simulator 22

The planting season of olives must be mentioned first, they are planted only in March, April, May, and June and the harvesting month are only October.

To plant them you need to go to the store, click on the construction icon, then a production option will open.

Here you will find the olives, when you select them just click with the mouse and make an order where you want them to be planted.

The next stage is mulching, for this, you will need a tractor that has a mulcher on it, when the grass grows it needs to be mulched.

Next, you need to cultivate the olives, for this, you will need a tractor with a cultivator and thus you have to go through the rows where the olives are planted. 

Next is the fertilization, for this you will need Mercury 4000L from Hardy, you will do the process 2 times, you will do it the second time when the order of olives darkens a little bit after the first fertilization.

In October when the olives are ready to be harvested. For this, you will need an olive harvester and a trailer. To pick the olives you need to turn on the harvester and go through each row of olives.

Be sure to stay in the middle of the row. Then you need to unload the olives from your olive picker in the empty trailer.

Finally, you need to sell the olives in an oil mill or if you own an oil mill, turn the olives you own into oil and sell it for a higher price. 

This is the whole procedure you need to do for olive farming. The result is the sale of olives or the production of oil, which is certainly quite profitable.

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