FASTEST Way to Complete the Season Pass After Nerf | New World Season One

Be efficient with your farming!

As much as I dislike Season Passes in video games, it’s a great way to busy yourself in these games. Doing menial quests like kill enemies 5 times or gather resources 10 times repeatedly can be boring but at least you’re working for a reward. Wait a minute, this is just an unpaid job with extra steps!

Anyway, New World now has a new Season Pass and with it comes new activities you can do. Of course, MMO players will try their best to get through the Season Pass as fast as possible. We don’t want to wait all season to do these things! In this guide we’ll show you how to do the Season Pass faster!

New World Season One | FASTEST Way to Complete the Season Pass After Nerf

We all know that we want those rewards for the Season Pass, be it free or paid. So, we try our best to do the activities that we can get, but that’s not enough! Here’s how you can optimize and speed through the Season Pass, first we’ll need to make ready for the grind.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 Handed Weapon
  • Bow
  • Magic Weapon
  • Gun
  • 1 handed Weapon
  • At least 1500 Vials of Suspended Azoth
  • As much Pork Belly, Juniper Berries, Red Meat and Salt.

So what activities are we actually going for? Here’s the activities we’ll be focusing to complete the Season Pass:

  • Kill Beasts
  • Skin Tier 5 Animals
  • Craft Tier 5 Consumables
  • Kill Enemies with specific weapon type (Bows, Guns, Magic etc.)
  • Gather from Tier 5 Resource Node

With all of that out of the way what we’ll need to find is a place where you can consistently kill 10 Tier 5 Beasts. Now reroll your acitivies until you get what’s listed above, make sure you can overlap as much activities as possible.

For example, you can kill beasts and skin them. Not only is that 2 activities but skinning them also counts as a Tier 5 Resource Node. Coupled with killing them with a specific weapon type and you’ll be doing multiple activities easily.

With all the ingredients you have also remember to craft Tier 5 Consumables for the activity with the same name. Make sure to do that since you can easily finish that on your camp.

Just repeatedly reroll until you get some good activities that overlap, do them and repeat until the Season Pass is done!

Congratulations you now know how to complete the Season Pass the fastest way in New World! Now go out there and try it out yourself!

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