New World: Season 1 Consumables Guide

Always have a lot of them ready!

Be it red and blue potions that give your health and mana or the ultra-realistic food in Final Fantasy 15, we love our consumables in games. It’s even better if we can make it ourselves and don’t need to rely on NPCs that we know are 100% ripping us off!

In New World, there are a lot of different consumables you can get, either from buying in the market or making it yourself. There are so many of them that it can get a bit confusing sometimes. That’s why in this guide we’ll show you what the different consumables are and some tips on how to get them.

Season 1 Consumables Guide For New World

There are different types of consumables in New World and it’s not just stuff that heals you. There are your typical potions as well as food, proficiency-boosting consumables, dyes, repair kits, and even ammunition. We’ll go through all of that so you can get a sense of what consumables do and what you’ll need.


Of course, we’ll start with the classic potions and New World has some that you’re familiar with. The game has your standard Healing, Mana, Recovery, and Stamina potions that you can either buy or craft. There are also Tinctures that remove afflictions like Blight and Corruption.

There are also Weapon Coatings that you can apply on your weapon to deal certain types of damage. Along with that, there are Absorption and Ward Potions that help you get less damage.

All of these Potions have tiers and the higher the tier the better they are and the longer the duration. That means higher tier Healing potions give more healing, higher tier weapon coatings deal more damage, and so on.


Aside from potions that can recover your stats immediately, food gives a more passive buff. Food can give your Health, Mana, and Stamina regeneration and are usually longer in duration than potions. There is also food that can give you bonuses on a certain stat as well as food that can boost certain trade skills like mining or gathering.

Food buffs, like potions, have different tiers and they give bigger bonuses for these tiers. They also sell a lot so people who want to make some cash you can do so by crafting food and selling them. Usually, the highest-tier food sells the quickest.

Proficiency Boosters, Honing Stones, Etc.

Then there are consumables like Proficiency Boosters when taken will increase the number of resources being gathered. There are different tiers of Proficiency Boosters and they’re: Weak, Common, Strong, and Powerful. There are also different types of boosters in this category, like Honing Stones that are used to increase the weapon damage.

There is also Incense which increases a player’s resistance to all afflictions. Then there’s also gemstone dust that increases the absorption of elemental damage or until any damage is received a number of times, whichever comes first. There’s also a version for Physical damage and those are Oakflesh balms.


Unlike other consumables, these are only used for cosmetics. I would argue that’s the most important part of any game, you can’t go adventuring without good aesthetics! These dyes can be bought or crafted through the cooking station and are used to dye equipment. There are a lot of them so take your pick and try them all out!

Repair Kits

Repair Kits are used to repair certain items, like other consumables they have different tiers. The higher the tier of the repair kit the higher tier of the item they can repair. All repair kits repair an item to full so make sure you don’t use it on barely used items if you’re saving them or be like me and use it like candy.


When you’re a bow or musket user you’ll of course need ammunition. All cartridges and arrows follow the same tier system. From the lowest to the highest, we have Iron, steel, Star metal, and Orichalcum. The higher the tier of the ammunition the higher the damage modifier of that ammunition so keep that in mind and find the best one!

Gear Set Storage Trick

Now that you have all of these consumables with hundreds of potions and food where do you place them? You could always place them in storage, but you don’t want to go back there again and again. It’s like getting the groceries from your car, you do it in one trip!

Well, there’s actually a trick in carrying more consumables by using Gear Sets! Each Gear set has its own consumable slots, and you can actually place consumables there for storage. Just make as many gear sets as you can and place the consumables there, when you need them just pull them out of there! I’m sure it’s not an intended feature by the developers and it may be patched in the future but for now, you can use this trick to bring more consumables!

Congratulations you now know about all the different consumables you can get in New World. Now go out there and try to get as much as you can! You’ll never know when you’ll need them!

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