New World: Springtide Bloom Event Dates & Rewards

Save the date and don’t miss out!

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Spring will always be the best time to start going outside and participate in all sorts of events that the sun can shine a light on. I say that while knowing in full that I only experience two seasons in real life, but it’s different for games like New World okay?

Here your efforts get rewarded handsomely, all you have to do is not miss out on the event dates along with the goodies you can get by reading the guide below. What are you waiting for? Let’s see what spring has in store for us!

Springtide Bloom Event Dates & Rewards

If you’re currently crafting gear in New World you may want to wait for a while until the event actually lands and grind out some patterns to save yourself some gold. Speaking of saving, let’s talk about looting. Springtide Centerpieces have been scattered around the different settlements across the map and can be looted once per day to get different rewards. These rewards include:

  • Diamond Gypsum
    • Drop Rate: 100% (must be level 60)
    • Limit: 6 per day.
  • 1-3 Wispy Spritz
    • Drop Rate: 100%
  • 25 Event reputation
    • Drop Rate: 100%

That’s just the gist of it! You also have a chance to receive the following rewards:

  • 1-5 additional Wispy Spritz
    • Drop Rate: 100%
  • 1-3 Dyes
    • Drop Rate: 66%
  • 1 Springtide Dram
    • Drop Rate: 33%
    • Temporarily increases Luck
  • 1 Springtide Wafer
    • Drop Rate: 22%
    • Temporarily increases the number of Wispyblooms that you can harvest.
  • 1 Springtide Crumble
    • Drop Rate: 11%
    • Temporarily increases Constitution.

But of course, it wouldn’t be an event worth doing if there aren’t any patterns. Surprise! There are patterns, who would’ve seen that coming? No weapon patterns though, but you do get the Blooming Patterns instead. You have two different types of patterns: the green or uncommon patterns and the legendary patterns.

The uncommon patterns won’t have any locked perks so you can guarantee one perk with a craft mod, but you can’t use Golden Scarabs or Runestone Stopwatches. However, there’s a 20%-25% chance of rolling Resilient on each piece.

The legendary patterns come locked with two perks, and these two perks are Physical Aversion and Refreshing. Quite amazing to have with the current meta, do note that the third perk is completely random but still has yet again a 20%-25% chance to roll Resilient. So if you’re looking for PVP gear, these patterns will be right up your alley.

To make things even simpler, you’re going to have a very high chance of getting all three perks for your gear, and that perk combination right now is completely mind blowing! Sure everyone right now is after Elemental Aversion , but having at least one piece for Physical Aversion is going to be highly sought after in a lot of builds as well.

So even if you’re not planning on crafting a lot of gear, these patterns are something you’re going to want to get so that you can sell them for at least six figures on the market. Again, hold out on the crafting until the event goes live to benefit from those increased chances!


The Springtide Bloom event in New World offers a plethora of rewards and opportunities for players to enhance their gameplay experience. Additionally, the event provides a fun and engaging way to enjoy the game during the spring season. Don’t miss out on the Springtide Bloom event and make the most of the increased chances for crafting gear during this exciting time in New World.

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