New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Rewards

Another Medleyfaire Season! How exciting!

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Rewards Featured Image

Medleyfaire is an annual festival event in New World with lots of songs and music. This event transports adventurers into a realm of vibrant melodies, unforgettable music and memorable moments with friends or other players.

Just like any other events in the game, you may want to know what rewards it is going to give. In this article, we will show you some of the rewards from the Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Event in New World. Let’s make the most out of this fascinating summer event!

Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Rewards

In the Summer Medleyfaire Event, you will be able to obtain various rewards. These include Armors, Fishing Poles, Music Instruments, Emotes, Camp Skin, and also Housing Furnitures. Before we get further into it, keep in mind that you’ll see lots of familiar rewards from last year’s event. No worries, there will be new ones as well.

Apparel Skins – Maestro’s Show Stepper

Along with the old items from the Medleyfaire 2022 Event from last year, we’re also seeing a new addition. This is the Maestro’s Show Stepper Hat Apparel Skin. With a purple theme, this is a great item for those who want to add this color to their current character look.

 Maestro’s Show Stepper in New World


The first armor pattern recipes you can obtain from this event are the Colorful Kraken recipes. These include the skins for the Cap, Sash, Wristguards, Chaps and Boots. Inspired by the Kraken theme, this has the blue, cyan color along with some red patterns from the Sash and also the fins patterns on the Wrist Guards.

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Rewards Armor

Another armor set from this event are the Sturgeon Style Armor Recipes. These include the pattern recipes for the Sturgeon Style Hat, Coat, Gloves, Thighwraps and Shinguards. These use the color of blue and brown along with patterns to make your character look more mysterious, like an actual warrior.

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Armor

Another next armor skin that you can obtain from the Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Event is the Masked Mackerel armor set. These include the pattern recipes for the Masked Mackerel Hem, Breastplate, Gauntlets, Greaves, and Sabatons. Since it is inspired by the Mackerel fish, you can see that this armor set has patterns similar to a fish skin, with patterns appearing on most pieces of the whole armor set. The most fascinating one to look at is probably the helm, it really brings up the vibe.

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023  Armor

Another one you may want to look at the Sturgeon’s Luxury Armor Set. This will give you the pattern recipes for the Sturgeon’s Luxury Cap and Shawl. When you look at the color, it has this dark blue color along with the bright gold color. As a result, these create a color contrast that makes the gold color brighter, creating a ‘luxury’ vibe, just like the name of the set.

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023  Armor

Weapon Skins

We are seeing the addition of the two new weapon skins in Summer Medleyfaire 2023. They are the Long Swordfish, and the Starfish Defender weapon skins. These items take inspiration from the swordfish and starfish, creating a really unique weapon look!

Fishing Poles

Now, let’s take a look at some Fishing Rod Skins. The first one that you are able to obtain from the Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Event is the Fish’s Friend. This has a green color palette, with flowers on it. If you are someone who loves to be in nature, this is a perfect fit for you.

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023  Fishing Poles

The next fishing rod is the Fish’s Bane, this has a fish skeleton like appearance at the beginning of the rod with a bright silver color palette. If you are looking for an adventurer, warrior or a knight kind of vibe, then you want to get this fishing rod just for you.

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023  Fishing Poles

The next rod in the fishing rod collection of Summer Medleyfaire 2023 is the Fish’s Fall rod. Similar to the Fish’s Friend rod, this also has  a green color palette. The only difference here is that it has a pink flower at the handle of the rod, and at the end of it, you will see some colorful triangles attached to the end of the rod. This combination gives a camping vibe, imagine when you are in the fall season and you are going camping, it’s just fun to imagine!

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023  Fishing Poles

The next Rod you can obtain is the Midsummer Pole. Just like its name, this gives off a summer vibe using the bright, warm color palette in its design. Nothing gets better than going fishing in the bright sun of summer with this amazing rod. Maybe you should consider getting this rod as well!

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023  Fishing Poles

This next rod has a really fancy design – The Shrine of the Sturgeon fishing rod. This uses a blue, ocean color palette that really gives off that cool vibe during the intense heat of summer. The handle of the rod is designed to look like a sturgeon fish. If you are using this rod to find sturgeon fish, who knows, maybe you will have a higher chance to find sturgeons?

New World: Summer Medleyfaire 2023  Fishing Poles

The next fishing rod is called the Fruit of the Vine. Different from the other rods introduced above, this one has a bright orange color to it. The handle of the rod is designed in a very unique way with curved patterns, almost like you are looking at a seahorse.

Fruit of the Vine Fishing Rod

Music Instruments

Besides, the Summer Medleyfaire will be very boring without the appearance of music. This is why you get to have Music Instruments added to the items collection as well! For example, one of the music instruments you can obtain is the Sturgeon Strummer. This has a green color palette to it with really fancy looking leaves on it. If you are someone that likes nature, or the color green, try this instrument out!

Strummer in New World

If you are someone that loves the color blue, and loves hanging out in the ocean, try the Marine Madoline. This has great sound effects along with the blue color on its design. Really a great fit for those who are looking for a blue color to go with their armor sets aesthetically.

Mandolin New World

Enough of mandolins, we are taking a look at some drums! The Beating Heart is an instrument made exclusively for drum lovers. There is a bright pink color to it as well to give off that high energy, that every single drummer need to have to stay epic when playing music.

Drum New World

The Bass Bass is inspired by the Bass fish, with an ocean themed color palette used for its design. Just like the Sturgeon Strummer, this has well-designed patterns on the instrument. This is a very good-looking music instrument for those who want it.

Bass New World

What’s more, next musical instrument is the Cape Carpem. If you are looking for an instrument with unique sounds, this can be a great one for you!

Carpem New World

Music Sheets

Now that you got your instruments, how about playing some music with these music sheets? In the Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Event, you will see the addition of the Guitar, Second Guitar, Flute and Mandolin music sheets. These will not only enable you to play soothing, fascinating, or chill music vibes in parties with friends but also improve your fishing experience!

Music Sheets Recipes New World


The Summer Medleyfaire with music, costumes, something is still missing. Oh yeah! Dancing is also important as well, a great way for players to show their enthusiasm during this fascinating celebration. The Medleyfaire Shuffle is a shuffle dance for those who love this dancing style.

Shuffle Dance in New World

How about some Wiggle Dance? Try out the Wiggle Dance that costs as little as 2 coins.

Wiggle Dance in New World

The Guitar Shred is a fun dance to use as well. Well, it can be good if you do not have a guitar and still want to play a guitar…

Guitar Shred in New World

The next Emote added in Medleyfaire 2023 is the Sad Violin. This requires you to reach the Maestro Rank before obtaining it for 10 coins.

Sad Violin  in New World

Camp Skin

How about a new home style? After a long time of partying, maybe it’s time to find a place and take a rest. The Summer Medleyfaire Bivouac is a camp skin made with the Summer Medleyfaire theme.

Camp Skin in New World


There are various pieces of furniture you can obtain during the Summer Medleyfaire 2023 Event. These include the fish trophies you can obtain from fishing. These have their own unique designs based on the fish you obtain. See the image down below to see how good they look!

Fish Trophies in New World

Some of the other trophies are the smaller fish, along with small decorations like the blue shining barrel you can see in the bottom right of the image.

Others  in New World

How about a fish banner and a bunny, how cute is that? You can also obtain a banner with a fish on it along with a cute bunny statue for you to decorate your lovely home.

Bunnies in New World

You can also obtain some other smaller fish, squids as well as other marine creatures and add them to your collection.

Fish in New World

There is also a snail trophy for you to obtain from the shop as well. So, definitely give it a look and obtain all the furniture pieces for your house!

Snail in New World

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