New World – Flame Core Farm | All Locations & Full Solo Farm

The grind must go on!

Most MMO communities would follow a certain practice when it comes to hoarding resources, that’s it. That’s the practice! What New World does to keep things fresh however, is add more content for players to mess around with. In this guide, you’re going to learn how to farm one of the new important items that’s been going around the colonies as of late, yes we’re talking about Flame Cores! You can even solo farm this resource without having to clean up all the trash mobs that get in your way, now that’s what you can call efficiency!

Flame Core Farm | All Locations & Full Solo Farm | New World

There’s multiple uses for Flame Cores, rather than just being an item that you’ll hoard an endless amount of for this season you’ll also be using them for your trohpies, heartrune gems, and for acquiring human bane and human ward gear from the flame core forge. You can also sell and trade these items to other players, they’ll no longer be bound to you after pick-up so expect this item to pop up on the market every now and then.

There’s two ways to get Flame Cores right now, and that’s from having friendship discussions with the Varangians and looting the chests nearby or running the Empyrean Forge Expedition. The chests inside of the expedition will have a 50% chance of dropping the cores, for slaying anyone who looks at you funny you’ll get a 5% chance instead.

There’s a few areas where you can get even fewer cores, but it’s better for you to know in case you don’t plan on doing anything big. The first farming place is the open area right in front of the Empyrean Forge, there’s a few Varangians there along with some chests, not a great place to stay in for hours to be honest.

You also have the Crystal Caverns, it has three chests and one of them is behind an elite enemy, you’ll lose no sleep by skipping out on this place but you might if you decide to look over Acadia Keep. It’s definitely one of the better places for both chests and mobs along with Attalus’s Foundry. Consider adding these two places to your daily rotation if you want to get the most out of your flame core ventures.

Start off with Acadia Keep by scaling the scaffolding on the right side of the entrance, get down to the pathway and keep heading southeast while clearing any archers that get too close to you.

Coming from the last chest you just looted, hug the battlements until you get to this spot. Most of the enemies in here are elite troops so you don’t want to fight too many of them alone.

Head southwest and down a narrow chasm that leads to another section of the keep. Go up the stairs to your right and jump back down into the yellow tent to get to the Alchemy Stockpile.

Now go east from the tent and go through another set of stairs, make a 180 into the path walk where a Crusher is guarding another supply crate. If too many mobs are keeping you company follow the path to your right and hide behind one of the cannons until they lose agro.

Retrace your steps and take a left once you descend from the flight of stairs, there’s one crate here that’s lacking any form of adult supervision.

Go to the top floor and pilfer the three chests of whatever they might have, have the Faceless leave its post by aggroing it to the lower levels. Climb back up while it’s giving chase to you and hide behind one of the chests until it loses interest. That’s the last location for Acadia, onwards to the foundry!

This one’s more forgiving but lengthy, you can even walk through the main entrance without being shot! Now go to the far reaches of the ground floor (southwest) and go prone on top of the cage before you loot your first chest.

Spring north out of that corner and head towards the workshop on the left, hide on top of the crate in front of the chest and wait for everyone on your tail to bugger off before you continue looting.

Go southeast, there’s a crate here that’s under another set of stairs.

Directly above that is another workshop with a supply crate in it, hide in the exact same spot you’re seeing on the image to lose any of the mobs that’s getting on your nerves.

Follow the path that leads to the watchtower and hide behind the bunkbeds for a few minutes. If you get stuck you can fast travel out of there to get the chest next to the beds, you may have to repeat the process of getting rid of the mobs first before being able to do so.

Run for the exit heading north and follow the path until you end up in the siege workshop, you’ll know you’re in the right place once you see cannon molds lying around!

Take the concrete path that leads out of the workshop and into another section of the foundry where two small crates can be found. Walk further down the catwalk next and make a sharp right turn the moment you see a big gate.

Jump down to the big cage on the lower levels, there’s three crates here that you can borrow the contents of without any consequences once everyone in the area stops bothering you. After that you can go north and climb another set of stairs and make another right turn.

Upon arriving, you have to choices to make: either you climb the crates or the tent and wait for a few minutes for everyone to leave. You can just crouch walk to the other side of the level to get the next chest.

Where there are stairs there’s a you who has to keep climbing them, go through the bridge and keep going southeast of the foundry past the wooden watchtower. There’s one crate there in the corner that’s ripe for the taking! You’re now going to head into the upper levels, that’s north by the way.

Follow the stairs going up and you’ll end up in the upper barracks, there’s one chest here and a few angry hounds that don’t take too kindly to your incessant thievery. You can keep moving on up after clearing this section.

There’s two elite chests on the top floor, lie down on top of the crate and wait for the two knights to retire to the lower levels and crouch walk your way back to the chests. If you manage to agro one of the guards here just lead them into the dining area and put them down, discretely of course.

Now jump out of the window and head for the docks, seriously you can’t miss it! Before getting on board though there’s this one shack that you have to go through that has one crate inside. Have everyone chase you back to the shore, lose the tail, and get the chest before you move forward.

Get on board and right under the main mast, there’s a chest waiting for you here along with a Strategist. They’ll happily ignore if you stay on top of some crates long enough however.

The last part of this run will require a visit to the stern, that’s the back part of the ship where the last crate lies in wait. And that’s how you do the Flame Core Farm by your lonesome, now try and run around the foundry yourself and get farming!

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