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With the dust settling down on the new content Season 1 has to offer for players in New World, it’s time to settle in with farming. No, not actual farming but farming the new expedition. Whether it’s for missions, or just for farming materials and drops, you’ll want to optimize your gear to do so!

You don’t want to go farming in suboptimal gear, that’s just going to add more time per run! In this guide, we’ll show you a good DPS build for doing the Empyrean Forge. So, let’s check what you need!

Empyrean Forge DPS Build

The new Empyrean Forge expedition has a lot of new enemies including human type enemies. Not to mention there’s a lot of fire type bosses in the expedition as well that you need to keep an eye on. Still, there’s some cool loot that you can get in that expedition, and you can even check out the named ones in our article on it! Now, let’s see how this build works!


New World Empyrean Forge DPS Build Attributes

The main weapons for this build is the Greatsword and the Hatchet, both Strength weapons. They both scale with Dexterity as well so make sure you get both of these as high as possible. Don’t forget to get more Constitution through buffs like food buffs. Maximize your strength buffs since that’s the weapon’s main scaling attribute.

Weapon Mastery

New World Empyrean Forge DPS Build Greatsword Mastery

Above are the skills and passives that you need for the Greatsword in this build. I won’t go into detail on each one because at this point in the game you probably know most of these skills. Instead, we’ll take a look on the reasoning on why we took certain skills and passives:

  • Relentless Rush is a must have skill for Greatswords, since it gives you both damage and mobility. With the Relentless Refresh passive, we reduce the cooldown of the skill for each kill, great for PVE and clearing mobs.
  • Skyward Slash is our next Skill and we’re going for the Sickening Slash passive. That’s because Empyrean Forge has cleric mobs that heal other mobs, applying disease helps clearing trash mobs faster.
  • The last skill we’re taking about is Roaring Rupture for that AOE damage and fortify. Along with the passive to cleanse debuffs with Purifying Roar and applying debuffs with Intimidating Roar it makes for a great addition.
  • Another important passive you’ll need to take is Aggressive Shift, which lets you enter Onslaught Stance by hitting an enemy with a charged heavy attack. This is great since you can just do a charged heavy attack to get to the stance while your abilities are in cooldown.
New World Empyrean Forge DPS Build Hatchet Mastery
  • The next weapon is the Hatchet and of course we’ll be taking the Berserk skill in the Berserker tree. Most points will be placed on this tree because of the passives and damage potential it has.
  • The next skill is Raging Torrent, a recently nerfed skill but still a great one for dishing out damage. We won’t be taking any of its upgrade passives.
  • For the Throwing tree you can either use the skill Rending Throw or Infected Throw. The choice is yours since you already have a Disease proc on your Greatsword, adding more rend is generally better.
  • One passive that drastically changes the hatchet is Aimed Throw. It changes your blocking to an aimed throw, so you can’t block anymore but can deal 100% weapon damage. You don’t really block with a Hatchet anyway so make sure to take that one for more damage.
  • We’ll also take Defy Death at the very end of the Berserker tree. It has been nerfed recently but is still a great passive to have in PVE.


New World Empyrean Forge DPS Build Gear

There’s not really any must-have sets for this build, but I highly suggest you get the Mask of the Fearless. You can get that through the Season Pass mission. Since this build is for the Empyrean Forge and its mostly human enemies we want as much Human Ward as possible on our gear.

Here are the gear piece perks you should aim for:

  • Torso: Medium, Flame Conditioning, Human Ward
  • Hands: Light, Flame Conditioning, Human Ward
  • Pants: Light, Invigorated, Human Ward
  • Shoes: Light, Refreshing Torrent, Human Ward

For the Weapons, you’ll want to get the Hatchet Rough-Houser and Hunting Blade, both weapons you can get at Empyrean Forge. For the Hatchet the expedition needs to be M9 or M10 but once you get there, they can both drop in any named mobs in there. The Hunting Blade greatsword drops at the normal Empyrean Forge so you can go for that first. Just make sure to have Human bane on both of them.

Jewelry and Gems

New World Empyrean Forge DPS Build Jewelry

For the Jewelry, you’ll want to have elemental protection from your necklace like Frozen Protection or Flame Protection. Also go for Divine or Refreshing depending on what you want.

For the Ring you can use the Legate’s Ring which is the best in slot for this build, just farm chest runs in Brimstone Sands. Then the earring should have something like Refreshing or Regenerating so Doom’s Chance Earring is a great one for this build.

When slotting gems you can go for Opals for all the armor you have for elemental damage. For the Amulet slot a gem that’s the same protection as the element you chose. The weapons that you have could also go with Opals since your Stamina won’t be full all the time when using this greatsword build.

That’s how you do one of the DPS builds for Empyrean Forge runs in New World. Mostly it’s the gear that you’ll have to work for, but I’m sure luck and good loot will be at your side!

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