Gray Zone Warfare: Duty to the Country Quest Guide | Mithras

The rebels sure did a number on this guy. Unfortunate, really.

Gray Zone Warfare has all sorts of tasks that are given to you by the various vendors, just like in the more established Escape From Tarkov. A lot of them will have you going back to areas you’ve already visited before, and Lab Rat’s Duty to the Country is no exception. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete this relatively simple task.

Duty to the Country Quest Guide | Mithras

Before we begin, it should be noted that, despite being labeled for the Mithras faction, the steps for this specific task should be the exact same for the other two. Mithras players should have an easier time getting here due to their base’s location, though.

Basically, this mission will take place in the YBL-1 bunker, which is close to Nam Thaven, the starter town for Mithras players. Check the map image below if you are unsure of where it is in the world.

All you need to do for this quest is to find and identify Long Vong’s body inside the compound. We’ll go through more detailed steps on where you can find him in the sections below.

Gray Zone Warfare map showing YBL-1's location, highlighted

Entering the Bunker – Normal Method

There are actually at least two ways to reach the quest objective, though one of them is a one-way trip down into the bunker. We’ll go through the more common “normal” method first.

First, make your way to YBL-1 and fight your way into the entrance of the bunker itself. There, just go down the stairs and turn left. Keep moving forward until you pass through the Corridor A sign.

Gray Zone Warfare player about to go into Corridor A

Upon passing through this doorway, turn left again and turn right on the first open door on that side. This will lead you down a stairway heading into floor -2. Turn right into Corridor E.

Gray Zone Warfare player about to enter to corridor E

Follow the hallway to your right and enter through the door marked in the image below. Once you are past that point, turn left until you reach a dead end full of rubble. Remember this dead end, as this is also where you need to go for Handshake’s Shortcut task!

Gray Zone Warfare directions to the Fort Rasksmei shortcut

From the dead end, turn right into the next room and head up the staircase. Halfway through, you will notice that it’s broken. For this part, you need to let go of some weight (you can pick your stuff back up after the task) and try your best to jump and grab on to the ledge above.

This step is a bit janky, and it may take you several attempts to finally reach the next floor. When you do, though, just head through the doorway and turn to the right. Long Vong’s body should be right there.

All you need to do now is walk up to it and confirm its identity before heading back out of the bunker and reporting back to Lab Rat. Don’t forget to pick your stuff back up if you dropped some weight earlier!

Gray Zone Warfare player approaching Long Vong's body

Entering the Bunker – The Shortcut Hatch

There is actually a quicker way to find Long Vong’s body, which seems to be the correct method if the grappling mechanic from above is the incorrect/unintended way to do it.

Basically, at the coordinates (142x, 122y), just slightly to the west of YBL-1, there is a dirt path leading into an open hatch. Jumping into this hatch will lead you straight into the same floor as Long Vong’s body.

Gray Zone Warfare player about to enter the bunker hatch

From the room that you fall into, simply follow the main corridor and stick to the left until you find Long Vong. The downside to this method is that you cannot climb back up through the hatch.

If you choose to go through this path, you will have to fight your way out of the bunker if it hasn’t already been cleared. This is the perfect opportunity to do the Rebel Scum task from Handshake as well, since it will have you killing enemies here.

And that is everything you need to know in order to complete this relatively simple task from Lab Rat. While you are here, consider checking out our guide on almost all of the tasked in Gray Zone Warfare, which is specifically designed for the Mithras faction.


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