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How come the civilians didn’t evacuate?

Artisan has a sneaking suspicion that the army in Lamang didn’t let the civilians evacuate, which is the center of the Evacuation Question task in Gray Zone Warfare.

Simply put, it seems like those poor innocent civilians weren’t allowed to leave at all. Effectively, they were left behind in a war zone…

In this guide, we’ll help you look into the truth of the matter to complete this task!

Evacuation Question | Mithras Faction Task Guide

For this quest task, you need to head over to a certain Barracks building in the north part of Fort Narith. The exact coordinates for the key building on the map are Y: 131, X: 141. Do get ready with some strong weapons though. It is the barracks of one of the key forts in Lamang, after all, so you’ll be finding lots of hostiles there!

Once you get to the area, you’ll need to find a specific building with an “A” written near its entrance, as shown above. You can see the exact building marked on the map at the top of this article, as well.

When you locate the correct building, head right inside and turn to your left as soon as you go in.

Reach the end of the hallway and then turn right to find another hallway.

Next, get to the end of the hallway and turn left this time. You should now be in front of room A112.

Enter the room and check the small square desk in the corner opposite the entrance. It’ll be to your left, next to the window.

Pick up the Evacuation Orders paper sheet on top of the desk and your task is completed! Give it to Artisan back at the base and you’ll get the following rewards:

  • Mosin (S) x1
  • 2000 Experience
  • 200 Reputation with Artisan

Fairly solid rewards, though the Mosin sniper rifle you get isn’t the best sniper rifle build in the game. Nonetheless, another job well done for the Mithras faction! If you want to check out other tasks available for the faction, check out our guide covering all tasks. Additionally, we have an in-depth guide for the Fort Narith Stroll quest, which takes place in the same area as this task.


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