Gray Zone Warfare: Last Flight Quest Guide | Mithras

Artisan seems to really care about this “lowlife” pilot, huh?

Last Flight is a quest the Mithras faction can take on in Gray Zone Warfare, given to you by Artisan once you’ve explored the Pha Lang Airfield area.

Artisan says she hasn’t heard back from a certain pilot in a while and wants you to check on him. She seems to despise the guy, but they’re bound by blood so she can’t just ignore it either…

In this short guide, we’ll tell you how to complete this fairly simple task by finding the lost pilot.

Last Flight | Mithras Faction Quest Guide

Map | Gray Zone Warfare: Last Flight Quest Guide | Mithras

For the Last Flight quest task, you’ll need to look for a crashed plane south of the Golf 2 landing zone. The plane’s coordinates are Y: 156, X: 185. It’s in the corner of the square on the map, as marked above.

You should have no issue spotting the plane once you’re close to the coordinates, as its bright white and orange colors make it stand out.

The crashed plane

Nonetheless, make sure to explore carefully as the vegetation can cover it somewhat from certain angles!

Once you locate the plane itself, approach the plane’s cockpit. You should spot a corpse right outside the plane, somewhat obscured by the nearby bushes.

Inspecting the pilot's body

Inspect the corpse and you’ll see that it’s the plane’s pilot. Investigate him and you will instantly complete the task for the Last Flight quest! Another simple job for the Mithras, huh?

Turn the quest in and you’ll receive two 6B47 helmets, 1000 Experience, and 150 Reputation with Artisan. Another job well done, soldier!

If you need help with some of the other quests for the Mithras faction, feel free to check out our guide on all tasks and quests for them. There are over 100 tasks, so there’s a lot of work to do out in Lamang…

Particularly, it’s a good idea to do the “What Comes Up” and “Manifest Destiny” quests. They take place in the Pha Lang Airfield, which is close to the crashed plane.

Either way, though, at least you’re done with the Last Flight quest now so that’s one down!


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