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Handshake wants some profitable intel… again!

You know Handshake, he’s always got someone willing to buy some intel related to the Lamang region in Gray Zone Warfare, and the Manifest Quest for the Mithras tasks you with getting the intel for him.

Check out the Pha Lang Airfield and get the flight manifest database. Pretty simple task, right? It is! Except for all the heavily armed hostiles you’ll need to fight to get it…

In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to get your hands on Handshake’s coveted flight manifest.

Manifest Destiny | Mithras Faction Quest Guide

Map | Gray Zone Warfare: Manifest Destiny Quest Guide | Mithras

For this quest, you need to find the flight manifest over at Pha Lang Airfield. The airfield is near the Golf 1 landing zone, its coordinates are Y: 158, X: 182.

The airfield’s terminal building is heavily locked down, but you can enter it through a gap in the fence. Just check the northern corner of the area.

The terminal building

Do be prepared before heading in, though. There are dozens of heavily armed hostiles in the area, so be ready for a fight! Bring your best gear and some allies to take them on.

If you’re trying to complete the task while playing solo, be careful. Try to play stealthily and take out hostiles one by one.

Terminal building entrance

When you’ve taken out the hostiles, go into the terminal building itself. We recommend going in through the small door next to the orange staircase.

Break room

Once inside, turn to your right and keep going forward until you’re past the small staff break room.

Goal desk

Then, turn to your right once again and you should spot a small room with a white desk and computer. 

Database prompt at the PC

Approach the computer and you’ll get a prompt to investigate and download its database. Do so and the Manifest Destiny quest task will instantly complete!

Now, turn the quest in to Handshake and you’ll get the following rewards:

  • Recon Vest
  • TC-2002 Helmet
  • 4,700 USD
  • 1000 Experience
  • 150 Reputation with Handshake

It’s a good idea to complete some of the other Mithras faction quests while you’re still in the Pha Lang Airfield area, by the way. For example, you could check out the crashed plane to the southeast if you received the “Last Flight” quest from Artisan.

Nonetheless, you’re done with the Manifest Destiny quest, so congratulations!


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