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Get John Wayne’s revolver and pawn it off for some war funds!

True Grit is a quest the Mithras faction can do in Gray Zone Warfare, tasking them with retrieving a unique revolver said to be used by John Wayne in the famous True Grit film.

Your pal Handshake already got a client lined up to buy the revolver as a collectible, so finding it would be very lucrative for your faction. It would be quite a boost to your war funds!

In this short guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to complete the True Grit quest task as part of the Mithras faction.

True Grit Quest | Mithras Faction Guide

Hunter's Paradise Motel location

The description for the True Grit quest is somewhat ambiguous on where to go, but you simply need to head to the motel near the Hunter’s Paradise area. Its coordinates are Y: 167, X: 161.

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Once you reach the motel, you’ll encounter various AI hostiles. Be careful to not let them overwhelm you and take them all out! It’s best if you bring some buddies with you.

Hunter's Paradise Motel Room 102 Key

After taking the hostiles down, start looting them and checking their items. One of them should be holding the Hunter’s Paradise Motel Room 102 Key. Grab it as soon as you find it.

HP Motel Room 102

With the Motel Room Key in your possession, make your way to Room 102. It’s the middlemost one if you face the motel from the front.

Nightstand with the revolver

Open the door and enter the room, then look for a small red box atop one of the nightstands.

Case with a Revolver location

Approach it and you should get the prompt to pick up a “Case with a Revolver.” Grab it up and you’ll automatically complete the True Grit quest task!

Bring it back to Handshake and he’ll reward you with 1000 EXP, a Recon Vest, 150 Reputation, and 7,800 USD. The revolver truly was a profitable collection item, after all.

Anyway, that’s the end of the True Grit quest task for the Mithras faction in Gray Zone Warfare. Quite a simple one, right?

Guns & Ammo quest

We recommend also checking out our guide for the Mithras faction’s Guns & Ammo quest while you’re still at the Hunter’s Paradise.

That quest takes place close to the motel, so you can knock both tasks out at the same time!


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